CS4, She Is Here

Color me not psychic, or even on the right press release list. Just this evening I was ignorantly predicting to Deke that Adobe would announce CS4 was shipping next week during PhotoPlus Expo in New York. Then I arrive home to see this on the Adobe site. In truth, I got the heads up from a tweet by my colleague, Derrick Story (who I just saw a few hours ago at O’Reilly, so the news must be very fresh). Derrick is apparently on the right press release list (or possibly not not-psychic), as are our friends over at Photoshop News who have posted said missive here.

If software is anything like books, it will be a day or so before Amazon has "in stock" status. And speaking of books, Deke’s Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book is at the printer as we speak, due in stock shortly, followed very soon after by Adobe Design One-on-One and (if the planets align) Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One. Yes, Deke and his elves have been working very hard. It’s why we all look so sleepy and vitamin deficient, as if we’ve been living off caffiene and giant gift tins of popcorn. But of course, we’re armed with Photoshop CS4 skills to fix that in post.

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  • That’s funny, I tried to

    That’s funny, I tried to order late last night and it said it was still on pre-orders.  How things change in just a few hours.

  • Can’t wait!

    I’ve got my Master Collection (I must have it all!) order in with an Adobe reseller. Have you heard (possibly a tweet) anything about if all version or collections are shipping at the same time? I know with CS3 there was some delay in shipping some of the collections that have video related programs in the collection.

    For an energy level boost, try some vitamin B, Diet Coke and M&Ms. Or just sleep in tomorrow.


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  • Looks like it’s the whole suite that’s shipping

    I was suspecting that the video apps were slightly behind, because Amazon lists the Production and Master Suites with a date that’s a week later than the others. But our buddy John Nack at Adobe notes on his blog this morning that “Creative Suite 4 is shipping.” Let us know if you get different info from your retailer.

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