CS6 is Here, Encased in the Creative Cloud

Yep, Adobe has officially announced CS6, and along with it, the Creative Cloud upon which it will collaboratively float. Bottom line, for $49 a month (and less if you’re a long-term Adobe license holder) you can get access to the entire Creative Suite, even all those apps that you didn’t know existed, let alone what they might do for you. You can watch the Adobe announcement here. During the presentation, there are some quick sneak peaks at features in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and Dreamweaver CS6, and the second half of the show demonstrates a bunch of cool collaborative features of the Creative Cloud. (Unfortunately, you can’t skip to the second half at the moment, so enjoy the celebration first or time your viewing to catch Jeff Veen’s presentation during the last 20-ish minutes.)

Update: Later in the day, our good friend John Nack wrote up the clearest, kindest run-down on Creative Cloud pricing I’ve seen.

Photo by Jim Heid

If you really want to see the features of the CS6 applications, however, let me self-servingly point you to this page at lynda.com, where you’ll see links to all the New Features courses in which creative experts take a detailed look at each of the new features in the CS6 suite. Of course, it includes the all-free-for-now Photoshop CS6 Beta Preview course from Deke, as well as links to offerings from Friends-of-Deke: Chris Orwig (on Photoshop for Photographers), James Williamson (on Dreamweaver), Justin Seeley (on Illustrator), and Anne-Marie Concepcion (on InDesign). During the next month, you’ll find that this page will populate with some more CS6 titles, including a certain One-on-One series. If you’re not a member of lynda.com, you can get a free 7-day trial at lynda.com/deke and you can always watch the blue-linked movies in any course Table of Contents. They’re unlocked for everyone, all the time. You’re welcome.

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  • Message board

    Ever think of putting up a message board on this site??

  • Deke Keys

    Is there an updated version of Deke Keys for CS6?

  • I’m waiting on dekeKeys CS6

    We had some user complaints about dekeKeys and the Best Workflow color settings. As in: “Why do I have to jump thru so many hoops to begin using the software?” The complaints struck me as reasonable, so I decided that, over the course of the series, we’ll manually build dekeKeys together.

    It’ll begin in Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate and continue from there.

    This will be a different series. And won’t that be fun?

  • We have considered little else

    Just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I agree it’s a good idea. Maybe one day.

  • Sounds good! Can’t wait to

    Sounds good! Can’t wait to get going with the rest of the series.

  • The most knowledgeable and very entertianing DEKE

    Overall Deke is the BEST teacher to the ENTH degree!!
    Hats off to Deke and his excellent team for all the AMAZING training that they publish and produce.

    Keep it rolling…..and THANK YOU!!

  • Deke, I apologize for that

    Deke, I apologize for that complaint about dekeKeys. As I mentioned when I wrote it, although it bothered me when we started the course, I changed my mind as we went through. Now I realize that yes, dekeKeys are awesome and useful.

    Which, I suppose, means it’s a good idea to build it as you go, but I still want to download them!

    I admit to disagreeing with you on color management, but only because I understand enough to know what’s best with the files I run across in my own workflow.

  • InDesign 6

    Since it seems it will probably we awhile until you’re able to work on the InDesign 6 book, will the CS4 dekekeys work in CS6 in the meantime?

  • New to the site, are there deke keys for cs6/creative cloud?

    Just wondering where I find the most up todate downloads on this site

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