Deke’s Photoshop CS4 One-on-One is REAL (Proof courtesy of jeff70’s dad)

So, I’m standing here in the O’Reilly booth at PhotoPlus Expo, admiring Deke’s new book, trying to take a self portrait to post here to prove it’s real. Then this strange (but friendly looking) man approached asking if he could take my picture for his son. His last name was Stalker. I’m totally not kidding. Two of my colleagues were all, “No, don’t do it.” But I had a feeling. A feeling that a member of the dekeCommunity was involved somehow. Mr. Stalker, perhaps better if I call him Doug in this situation, called his son, who turned out to be dekeCommunitarian “jeff70.” We inhabitants of dekeDom have radar for these things. We spoke. It seemed legit. And here is the picture jeff70’s dad took of me holding proof that Deke’s book does in fact exist. And in stock today at

What I particularly like about Doug’s portrait is that he manages to align the crown in the logo of the next booth over to sit upon my head, as is appropriate. Thanks, Doug. I’m Queen of dekeDom today!

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  • Fine job there girl

    Fine job there girl reporter, er Colleen. Such a friendly smile too, should help sell more Deke books for sure. 


  • newsletter unsubscribe

    Because I can’t find any contact information, I’m posting here. There is no way to unsubscribe from the deke newsletter. Unsubscribe link in the footer of the email is broken. The management options in the account settings dont work (I have tried to disable the last three newsletters from being delivered, and each time my changes have been reverted when a new newsletter goes out).

    Thanks for your time.

  • Beautiful!

    Beautiful! And the book looks great too! ;o)

  • I took you off the newsletter

    You can also do it yourself from the View My Account Settings link.

    I’ll add the unsubscribe bug to the fix-it list.

  • PhotoPlus Expo Picture

    I am a newbie to, but was instantly hooked by Deke and his teaching ability.  My father told me he was heading to PhotoPlus Expo the day before I read your blog on “Girl Reporter Off To Photo Expo”.  So, I told him to stop by your booth and say hello. It was great to get to talk to you on the phone.  Say hello to Deke for me.



  • bugs unsubscribe

    guess that’s one way to let Deke know what’s buggin’ ya.


  • Now look here

    You sayin’ C be upstagin’ my B?

    With the full C and the reasonable P and the 4 hours of V?

    We are presently at 3998 members, BTW.

    I swear: 2 Ps who meant to join but didn’t R in such T!

  • Finally!

    Been waiting for the new book!

  • Scratch that

    We’re now this minute at 4000.

    All is forgiven.

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