Deke’s Technique 221: Creating a Distinctive 2D Video Game Character in Illustrator

221 Drawing a distinctive 2D video game character

In last week’s episode of Deke’s Techniques, Deke shared the prosaic, but presumably helpful, process of extending your Illustrator artwork all the way to the bleed. In the course of that video, however, he inadvertently introduced the world to his distractingly compelling character, the Necrowalrus, who happened to be the subject of the artwork in question.

Just how attention-grabbing was the tangential introduction of Deke’s elusive non-existent video game character? Well, I think this tweet says is all:

“Throw your friend, to get the gem.” Oh yeah, back to Deke. During this video, you’ll get a sense of how an illustrator with an absurd vision works with the pen tool, manipulates anchor points, applies Pathfinder operations, and clips shapes inside one another to make his walrus-fantasy a reality.

If you’d like to follow along here are the sample files. Unzip the archive and you’ll want to open Document with if you’re following along with this process. The walrus people will want Final 2D Or just sit back with your video game-playing, cartoon-drawing, walrus-loving friends and see how Deke goes about it.

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