Deke’s Techniques 239: Turn a Portrait into a Dot Drawing

It’s time to get your pointillization on, my dekeOmpressionists. Or is it post-dekeOmpressionists? Regardless, this week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode shows you how to turn this portrait:

portrait before

Into this dot drawing:

portrait turned into a dot drawing in Photoshop

With nothing but a heap of Photoshop smart filters.

Now, I know that this kind of technique generally engenders one of two reactions: 1) “Cool, Deke. Way to use Photoshop filters in an expressive way!” or 2) “Boo, Deke. Dot-drawing takes real patience and talent.”

If you’re of the first camp, here are five similar Deke’s Techniques you may want to check out at (Some of them are member-exclusive, so if you’re not a subscriber, get a free week trial at

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If you’re in the second camp, I know. Deke especially knows. We respect your dedication, craft, and diligence. We admit to our drawing dilletantishness. And check out the last in the above list, which gives some useful advice for digitizing painstakingly hand-drawn art.

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