Deke’s Techniques 243: Recreating the Creative Cloud Logo in Illustrator

Whatever you’re feeling about Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you gotta admit it’s got one handsome logo. In fact, it’s got a logo that happens to be the perfect Adobe Illustrator Exercise of Awesomeness—regardless of what version of Illustrator you are using. In this week’s Deke’s Techniques episode, Deke demonstrates how to recreate that logo from scratch, using nothing but the dekeImparted wisdom in this free movie and any version of Illustrator back to the original Creative Suite.

And as a bonus, Deke is sharing this handy file, which he originally created for his signature “hold up pictures in the intro” intro, but which contains handy visual reminders for every step of the process, each on a separate artboard. Check ‘em out:

Read on for the rest of the illustrated Illustrator steps:

To download this file for yourself, click right here, and enjoy your Illustrator technique from directly inside Illustrator.

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  • Is It Too Late To Request a Video For The Full CC logo ?

    Hi Deke

    I hope it’s not too late to request ( if possible ) a video to show how to create the full Creative Cloud Logo ... The colorful geometric columns shapes ss in this picture in this link

    In Illustrator if that’s OK.

    Thank you Deke!

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