Deke’s Techniques 256: Editing a GoPro Video in Photoshop

256 Editing a video and adding transitions in Photoshop

This week’s free Deke’s Techniques video could be subtitled The Making of the DJI Phantom (Menace), Part I. In this movie, Deke shows you how he used Photoshop to edit the opening sequence of his classic GoPro film that documents the epic crashes of his early days as a Phantom Quadcopter pilot and aerial photographer.

Using Photoshop’s Timeline feature actually makes editing the opening sequence fairly straightforward. In this tutorial, Deke shows you how to fade in from black, and then edit down this opening shot into three separate clips with fades in between. Thus, the movie’s premise is established, with the heart-warming family story of a boy mastering remote drone flying while perpetrating some good-natured aerial terror over his brother.

For members of, Deke’s got an an exclusive movie this week in which he shows you how he adds the crash sequences that give this story its epic action-adventure feel. If you’re not yet a member of, you can get a free week’s trial at to check out this and the entire Deke’s Techniques collection.

The Making Of will continue next week. Stay tuned. And look out below—as one YouTuber commented, “Deke, thank goodness you are better at Photoshop than flying quadrocopters!!”

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