Deke’s Techniques 258: Adding a Soundtrack to Your Photoshop Video

258 Color correcting a video and adding a soundtrack

In this week’s Deke’s Techniques video, Deke shows you how to add a musical soundtrack to a video in Photoshop. The example he uses continues to be from the epic Phantom Menace video he created a few weeks back. In this video, you’ll see how relatively easy it is to import and adjust a soundtrack file to your existing Photoshop video project.

Full disclosure: the waveform I used for this week’s banner graphic is not from Photoshop. I actually downloaded Adobe Audition, just so I could get a screen cap of the actual waveform from Deke’s audio file. Hidden bonus of a Creative Cloud subscription: I can download an audio application I may otherwise never use, for the sheer joy of making an accurate graphic!

Along the way, you’ll also see how easy it is to apply color corrections to an entire video in Photoshop. If you know how to make an adjustment layer, you already know how to do this!

For members of, Deke has an exclusive video this week in which he shows you how he made the impeccable, if self-deprecating, title sequences in this movie as well. If you’re not a member of, you can always get a free week’s subscription by going to At which point, the entire world of Deke’s Techniques (all 258 episodes) will be at your disposal.

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