Deke’s Techniques 290: Drawing Happy Trees in Photoshop CC

This week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode features one of the more obscure-seeming features of the latest update to Photoshop CC: the ability to generate a veritable forest of trees using the Fill command. 

Note that this feature is not a brush, but an actual image generator that uses a scripted pattern, replete with the ability to select from various varieties of trees and to render your foliage lush or bare. Check out the features in the dialog box: 

Photoshop can create trees via the Fill dialog box and a scripted pattern.

And yet, despite the shiny technology at work here, Deke is as delighted to show you this as Bob Ross was to paint happy trees by hand. 

Note that you’ll need both the latest update to Creative Cloud and a cooperative graphics card to get this (and its new sister pattern that allows you to generate picture frames on-the-fly) to work. If, like me, you find yourself having difficulties, check out this useful thread on the Adobe Community forum for some helpful troubleshooting ideas. 

For members of, you can take your tree-planting to a more realistic level with Deke’s exclusive video this week, in which he shows you how to add shadows to make your trees happily grounded. If you’re not a member of, you can get a free week’s trial at

There are no mistakes, just happy generated trees!

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  • Nice shirt…

    Can you get it in pathfinder icons too?

  • Deke’s Alignment T-shirt is from United Pixelworkers

    Hey Richo,

    Deke’s Alignment icon shirt featured in this week’s intro is from United Pixelworkers. They used to do limited runs, but it looks like this one is so popular it’s available all the time:

    Looks like at one time the designer, Evan Stremke, had a pathfinder icon shirt, too. But it’s out of stock:

    Too bad, Deke’s birthday is coming up and the pathfinder would have been a great idea!

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