Deke’s Techniques 292: Enlarging a Low-Res Photograph in Photoshop

In this week’s free and mightily useful episode of Deke’s Techniques, Deke shows you how to enlarge a low resolution photograph inside Photoshop. Not only does he show you the results of using Photoshop CC’s new Image Size dialog box, but he also concocts a formula for users of CS6 and CS5 to upsample with the same success as if you’d used the newer version of Photoshop. 

Either way, you’ll have a poster-ready version of your photograph, suitable for wherever poster-sized images are appropriate. (Oh, and if you’re interested in enlarging a layered composition, see Deke’s Techniques 288 from a few weeks back to upsample your enlarging knowledge.) 

For members of, Deke’s got an exclusive movie this week in which he uses the Image Trace feature in Illustrator to create an enlargement of this very same low res photo. It’s a completely different approach that yields different, but equally viable, results when returned to Photoshop as a placed image.

If you’re not a member of, you can get a free week’s trial to watch the exclusive movie, as well as nearly 300 other movies in the Deke’s Techniques collection. (Not to mention thousands of other courses by Deke and the other talented authors.) Just go to and learn away!

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