Deke’s Techniques 314: Create a Riveting 3D Bump Map

Yes, I went there. Went there in a 3D rocket ship that Deke built in Photoshop. This week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode is in fact quite literally riveting. Well, insomuch as virtual rivets are applied to a virtual rocket ship inside Photoshop. 

Deke’s method uses a tiled pattern created from a photograph of rivets, which are then wrapped around a 3D object inside Photoshop CC, rendering our virtual vehicle much more space-worthy, as you can see here:

Along the way, you’ll learn some on-the-fly techniques for working in Photoshop 3D. If this week’s technique leaves you wanting to explore 3D space in greater depth, stay tuned for a new course coming soon in which Deke helps those familiar with Photoshop wrap their mental rivets around the current 3D features. 

For members, Deke’s got an exclusive movie this week in which he shows you how to paint directly on a 3D object in order to mask out the rivets over the winders that are currently blocking the passengers’ view of the galaxy. If you’re not a member of, you can get a free week’s trial at With it you can enjoy the entire library of Deke’s Techniques, as well as galaxies of other riveting content. 

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  • Introducing PS 3d

    Where is this course at?  I’ve never been any good at PS 3D stuff but would love to learn.  Couldn’t find it at or is it just not posted yet??

  • Is there anybody in there….

    Just nod if you can hear me….

  • Deke’s 3D course due in June

    Hey, Skinny. Sorry we weren’t in when you called. This spaceship is definitely a sub-warp contraption. Just got back to earth here.

    Deke’s 3D course is due out in June. It should be the ideal course for getting started with Photoshop 3D. Who knows where it will take you after that.

  • Sweet!

    Great to hear… I hated 3D in previous versions of PS.  Thanks for the reply Colleen!!

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