Deke’s Techniques 343: Baking a 3D Donut in Illustrator

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In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques movie, Deke bakes some delicious 3D donuts…FROM QUASI HUMAN HEADS. No it’s not an early Halloween episode. No it’s not an incredibly timely homage to Homer Simpson. It’s actually a Mordy Golding-inspired technique in which Deke uses Illustrator’s 3D Revolve effect on a couple of paper doll-like heads and turns them into DELICIOUS DONUTS. Mordy's Magical Donuts

(*Mordy Golding is an accomplished Illustrator wizard. He is known to appreciate donuts, but his diet explicitly prohibits the eating of actual human heads.)

Here’s a visual recap:

Donut math

Check it out when you’re not watching the Simpson’s marathon, eating real donuts, or wondering what flavor "pink" actually is. Mmm. 

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  • .... and yet neither of the

    .... and yet neither of the donuts is green….?

    Another great tutorial, thank you.

  • Green donuts?

    What kind of crazy donuts are you making there across the pond, TipSquirrel?

  • Showing my age

    I was referring to Deke’s (awesome) film reference at the beginning. Oh we have nothing on your donuts here, they’re good, but they’re no Krispy Kreme.

  • Ah, yes. Donuts are people, too.

    Sorry, TipSquirrel. I’m showing my age at how fast I forget context from week to week. wink

  • Ha, I thank you sir!

    Granted, the doughnuts are not green b/c the green one’s that we’ve tried so far taste . . . well, vomitous. Even mire strangely, our test subjects puke pink.

    But, hey, silver lining: that’s what we use on our pink doughnuts!

    So it’s a small win-win.

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