Deke’s Techniques 389: Create Your Own Romantic Island Getaway

My dekeDarlings. In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques movie, you’ll see how Deke takes last week’s smoothed over scene and enhances it to a suitable destiny for a romantic getaway, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Deke transforms a GoPro video into a lush romantic postcard.

To finish this enticing postcard of tropical transformation, which, as you may recall, started life as a lo-res video, Deke uses a combination of the new Adaptive Wide Angle filter to unbend the horizon, a Camera Raw filter to brighten and saturate the image, and the Smart Sharpen filter to firm up the mushy detail.

If you’re a member of, Deke’s exclusive technique this week shows you how to use a photo filter adjustment to bring out that azure blue of the tropical sea. If you’re not a member of, you can get a free 10-day trial to check it out at Consider it our valentine to you!

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