Deke’s Techniques 393: Assembling DICOM Slices into a 3D Image in Photoshop

393 Assembling MRI slices into a 3D volume

This week’s free Deke’s Techkneeques episode is a classic lemons-to-lemonade story. In attempting to keep up with the younger set, Deke not only sacrificed his knee to keep a volleyball in play, but continued to play for another two hours to prove he wasn’t damaged. Which, of course, damaged his old-man knee. Which, in turn, gave him the chance to turn the DICOM files from his MRI into a 3D model of his injured knee. Photoshop can keep you young and make everything better!

Deke's 3D knee, courtesy of Photoshop

You’ll need the files from your own MRI plus Photoshop CC (or the Extended version of an earlier Photoshop) to create your own 3D recreation of your own bodily damage.

Of course, if this kind of 3D-patella-gazing isn’t your Photoshop cup-of-knee, then there are almost 400 other Deke’s Techniques episodes to choose from over at Some of them are free-to-all, but if there’s a member-exclusive technique that catches your interest, and you’re not yet a member of, you can get a free 10-day trial by signing up at


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