Deke’s Techniques: The Challenge Begins Today

Diqueno Techniqueams ipso Facto et Cetera ad Infinitum.

Which, as everyone knows, is Latin for “Let The Challenge Begin.”

Today I launch three sequential mid-Summer contests. They will last two weeks apiece, or six weeks in all. These contests, which I call Deke’s Techniques: The Challenge, will end with a total of ten winners—surrounded by the bloodied remains of their adversaries—divided into two camps: seven finalists and three Grand Prize winners. Together, they will divide more than $25,000 in plunder!

You may have questions: How does the contest work? (I’ll tell you.) Will there be knife play? (No.) Will you be required to dress as a gladiator? (No.) Will you need to kill your opponent? (No.)

Will you need to make a harmless training video? (Yes.) Will that video need to mention, even in whispered asides, three episodes of Deke’s Techniques? (Yes.) Will that movie need to be, at most, 10 minutes long? (Yes.) Will you need to feed the entrails of your video to those of your enslaved rivals whom you defeat on the battlefield. (I’m don’t entirely get that question, but I’m pretty sure the answer is no.)

It really is this simple: Make a training video that demonstrates an awesome technique. Mention three of mine. Make sure your movie is no longer than 10 minutes. Submit it to YouTube. And then to this site. And if you win, you’ll win big.

Click on this link to learn all about it. And then go to to learn how to make a training video.

Or, you know, just blow it off. And live to rue the day that you failed to play.

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  • Entry

    Dear Deke

    I Love you videos and I was wondering, I am just under the age of the contest rules, can my dad enter it (he would get most of the stuff) I really just want to enter this, is that possible?


  • Hope you and your family are safe and sound.

    It’s been a few days since you posted last, with no word about the tragedy yesterday near your home…. Hope all is well.

  • Using Video from


    As long as I give credit where credit is due (like you do, e.g. “this image comes from photographer john doe…) can I use some clips from your online training videos?  My project is called “Critique Deke” if that gives you a hint as to why I want to use some clips of your training.  I would state in video that the clips come from, etc.

  • Entering from Ireland…

    I’d love to enter but live in Ireland, that make me illegible?

  • You just have to have

    A U.S. address. (Mostly for the prizes but there may be some legal thing as well.) Got a friend stateside?

    **** [a few days later]

    Okay, my legal team (which is an ENORMOUS (not really) CRUSHING ((very small) FORCE) has advised me that you have to be a U.S. citizen or have a green card or have a visa. Or something like that. I really don’t know.

    But it got me thinking. If you don’t ask questions, how would I know? That was just a careless thought, btw.

  • I’m gonna say yes to that

    We have to be flexible after all.

    Sounds like a hilarious idea!

  • Your dad can most certainly enter

    Assuming he’s of age.

    You can teach him and have him make the video. Everyone wins!

    (I am not a lawyer. I don’t know legal things.)

  • Interesting story

    My producer here in Boulder, Ian, told me about the Batman screening last week. Then Thursday, he talked it up to me and a friend of mine. We declined; too much work to do. When he left the studio, he mentioned he might still go, perhaps on his own.

    The next morning, Ian and I were supposed to go to lunch. Couldn’t get hold of him. Then my friend read me a story about the shooting. (My heart goes out.)

    Started putting 2 and 2 together. Holy crap, that’s why I wasn’t hearing from Ian. Started calling mutual friends.

    Fortunately, Ian called me back. Had decided to skip it.

    I think it f’ed up his day tho. Came to lunch in a Superman shirt. And then went home and came up with this:

    Thanks for asking, btw.

  • Great!

    thanks for the permission…game on for “Critique Deke!”

  • Recent Entry

    I filled in the field on the submission form that asks for the names of the Techniques that are cited, but I did not mention it verbally in the video. Can this still be accepted as an entry?

  • I’m also going to yes to this

    You don’t have to mention the Deke’s Techniques movies that you spot-checked in your video. Citing them in the form is just fine.

    And thanks for being the first entry. For that alone, you will receive a special prize.

    (Special prizes are random. There will be many. But you know what? Joe gets one. And it might be pretty great.)

  • Thanks, Deke! :D

    Thanks, Deke! :D

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