Deke’s Techniques: The Illustrator Challenge Officially Begins

Hey gang!

Just a quick note to let one and all know that today marks the transition from one contest to another.

Deke's Techniques: The Illustrator Challenge begins today

Starting today, dekeOnline begins to accept submissions for Deke’s Techniques: The Illustrator Challenge. For official rules and regs, check out

Tonight at 11:59pm California time, the first contest, Deke’s Techniques: The Photoshop Challenge, shuts down and we will cease to accept further submissions.

A week from today, we will announce the winners of The Photoshop Challenge.

Thanks to everyone for submitting and commenting. If ever I seem momentarily inattentive, it’s only because I’m busy recording my own videos for Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Advanced. I tell ya, brother, it can be harder than it looks.

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  • Looking forward to your new

    Looking forward to your new dvd smile

    Can we use Photoshop techniques of yours and incorporate it along with illustrator techniques to get the final result?

  • I am Sorry Deke

    I have just downloaded the Fundamentals series of Photoshop Cs6 One-on-One illegally,Just that simple,while you spending such a hard time making the damn courses.Shame on me.

    P.S I am just about finishing the Mastery course of Illustrator Cs5 One-on-One and I am already feeling"Like I have anchor points in my head”.Thanks Mr Deke

    U R #1

  • good question—

    good question—

  • According to the description, I’d say yes

    The description next to the Illustrator contest says: “Got a great Illustrator technique? Or perhaps you know a great way to use Illustrator and Photoshop in tandem with each other. Either way, we’re ready to be amazed.”

    So according to that, I’d say that it is allowed.

  • This is hard!

    I have a new found appreciation for what you do Deke. Recording video tutorials is a challenge for the uninitiated like me. Halfway through my first try on my Adobe Illustrator tutorial my AC kicked on and since I sit right next to the main vent. It sounded like a jet engine starting. On my second try I went over the time limit by 10 minutes. On my 3rd try my wife walked in and asked, “Are you done yet?” On my 5th try I lost track of where I was. On my sixth try, the dog started barking. On my 7th try, I accidentally skipped a critical step.

    I think tonight will be the night I finish. Hopefully it will dazzle you and the judges! wink

  • Good job Vectorgeek

    You got it in!

    I’m telling you man, I’ve seen it all. Worst: Recorded videos for three days. Finally knocked off at 3am. Struck me that I misspoke at the end of the last movie. Played it back. No audio. Listened to the first movie from that day. No audio. Listened to the first movie from a coupla days back. No audio!!!

    So there I was, fatigued beyond repair, staring at three days of silent videos. Shook head. Went home. Slept. Sun rose. Got back up. Spent the next three days rerecording.

    First-world problem, right? If the worst that happens is you occasionally waste your time, s’all good.

  • Yes, you can use any technique

    In any capacity.

    So a Photoshop technique is fodder for an Illustrator one, and both are fodder for Anything Goes.

  • wow that’s an amazing

    wow that’s an amazing challenge of illustrator,I just love Photoshop,I don’t have a proper hand over it up till now am just able to add up some effects to the pictures not more then that ,but I am very keen learner ,and still learning ,I am unlucky wont be able to take part this time but will surely in your up coming such events.