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The Newsletter of Things Deke: February 08, 2011

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This week we bid a fond farewell to one of the weekly staples of dekeOnline for the past two years, Martini Hour. But don’t despair. There’s still plenty of stuff going on, including more Deke’s Techniques, a new video course, and an in-depth tip from yours truly.

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Martini Hour 11: A Hilarious Farewell

This week in the dekeLounge, Deke and Colleen list the Top 12+ things they’ve learned from running an audio-only podcast on digital imaging and computer graphics, and bid farewell to the lounge and its patrons.

Martini Hour 11: The Last Call

I have to say, this show is a super-fun listen. I laughed out loud several times. Check it out in one of two formats:

Don’t forget: You can still subscribe to the entire Martini Hour series via iTunes. Share them with friends, catch an episode you might have missed, or hear your favorites over again.

Deke’s Techniques: A Free Movie Each and Every Week

The newest Deke’s Techniques demonstrates   how to smooth away unwanted details in your portrait photography. In   this movie, Deke combines a trick he learned from Katrin Eismann (on   a Martini Hour, no less) with his own anti-edge mask. The result is a   technique that “unsharpens” pores and other skin details by isolating an inverted High Pass layer to low-contrast regions of an image.

Deke's Techniques 6: Using an Anti-Edge Mask

In case you missed it, the previous Deke’s Techniques lets you play with actual fire without getting burned. The free movie shows you how to create a molten letter effect. Members of the Online Training Library get a bonus movie, in which Deke very impressively sets the letters on fire.

A choice selection of Deke’s Techniques are available for free to anyone who visits or The entire series of Deke’s Techniques, including bonus videos, are available to subscribers.

Coming next week: Blending Textures onto a Face, plus a bonus video on Rendering a Face as a Cave Painting. Keep watching!

Request a Technique!

Deke has just returned from recording a new batch of Deke’s Techniques, taking the total tally to more than 4. But so far he’s been winging it.

Deke wants to tailor his techniques to your needs. So here’s your call to glory: To be immortalized in a Deke’s Techniques video, go to Deke’s “I Want to Know Your Thoughts!” page at dekeOnline and post a comment.

Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery Is Now Available

The final installment of Deke’s magnum opus on Adobe Illustrator is now live on It covers the most powerful features in Illustrator, including dynamic effects, gradient mesh, perspective drawing, 3D, and more.

Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery

Click here to view the actual course on Click here to review a detailed table of contents, with graphics, from Deke himself.

Tip: Levels and Curves Are the Left and Right Ventricles of Photoshop

Simply put, the Levels and Curves commands let you adjust the luminance of an image on a channel-by-channel basis. With these features, you can correct brightness, contrast, and color casts. Levels offers relative simplicity while Curves gives you more control.

levels and curves in action

Read more »

Featured Image from Fotolia

A recent Deke’s Techniques introduced the element of fire. I add that of air. Today’s image is #4314522, ©magann. With more than 2, downloads, it’s one of the most popular files in the Fotolia library, and perfect for those projects where you need to add a photogenic sky to your masterpiece.

Log on to Fotolia to view and download the image.

fotolia image magann

For the record, Fotolia offers the largest bank of royalty-free photos, illustrations, and videos perfect for any medium, whether print, motion, or web. Photographers and designers constantly update Fotolia with thousands of juried submissions each day. Fotolia protects its artists and offers high commissions while keeping prices low, so that everyone can enjoy and afford high-quality artwork.

Visit Fotolia »

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  • The Lesson 9 zip on OReilly seems to be corrupted

    I have tried several strategies for successfully downloading the from oreilly, as in the practice files for Photoshop CS5 One-On-One, but to no avail. I’ve tried different browsers and different times of day. The file seems to be corrupted.

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