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The Newsletter of Things Deke: October 19, 2011

Hello, gang:

The coming of fall means that the nights come sooner and last longer. And night time is the perfect setting for jack-o-lanterns and prancing around in costumes. This is that one time of year when saying “boo!” is a good thing.

This issue is chock-full of tricks and treats:

As always, Deke sends his virtual love.

Best regards,

Lou B
Speaker of the Deke, dekeOnline

Deke’s Techniques: Drawing a Halloween Scareflake in Illustrator

Deke comes from Colorado, where the first snow of the year often coincides with Halloween. Which is why he decided to combine chills with thrills to create the topic for this week’s free video technique, the uncommon but highly captivating scareflake, made using dynamic effects in Adobe Illustrator. It’s fun, it’s hilarious, and it’s a real challenge. You’ll love it!


Two follow-up movies for members of the Online Training Library show how to create “true clones” in Illustrator and then bring them over into Photoshop to add the fire and other photographic elements.

And, last week’s free video featured one of the coolest techniques yet. Deke shows you how to create an ambigram in Illustrator. That’s a lettering design that reads the same right-side-up or upside-down. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check it out.

Become a Master of 3D Type Effects in Photoshop

Deke recently released the last installment in his four-part 3D video series, Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Type Effects. In this 5-hour-and-51-minute course, Deke shows how to create a total of seven 3D type treatments. To view a free video trailer of all seven effects, click here.

3d type effects

This Week’s Free Article Takes Type into the Third Dimension

Deke has told me several times that folks consistently ask him about new and different ways to work with type. The success of his recent Type Effects   presentation at Photoshop World is a testament to how popular the topic is. In my last article, we set 2D type on fire. This time, we’ll extrude it into 3D by taking advantage of Repoussé and several other features found only in the Extended edition of Photoshop CS5.

this week's free article

Today’s article comes from Deke’s Techniques 16, 17, and 18, presented by

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Featured Image from Fotolia

The laughing jack-o-lantern is file #17368897, ©-Misha, from image vendor Fotolia. Fans of pumpkin carving, as well as three out of four dentists, approve.

Log on to Fotolia to view and download this week’s image.

jack o lantern

Fotolia protects its artists and offers competitive commissions while keeping prices low, so that everyone can afford and enjoy high-quality artwork.

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  • Scareflakes

    So cool!!! We spend a lot of Halloween nights here in New England in the snow too. Love these:)

  • Deke’s Techniques

    Hi Deke!

    I’m an Italian Photographer, Adobe ACE and Photoshop teacher in a school in Milano.

    I’ve been asked to make a person look like Hulk, here’s the result, but I’m not satisfied at all! Could you think to make that in a future Deke’s Technique? That’ll be really cool!


  • That looks pretty cool to me

    But I’ll try to build on it.

    Thx for the idea!

  • Thanks a lot!

    In truth I didn’t mean not satisfied at all, but I meant not completely satisfied… (an error while typing in a language that’s not mine…)...! I added green eyes and now the effect it’s a little better tough, but not as perfect as you could make in a technique of yours!

    Anyway Deke thanks a lot for all your videos on Lynda, it’s also thanks to you if now I’m an ACE and Photoshop teacher, and I love that! And there’s always something to learn from some of your AMAZING techniques! Keep on doing them!


  • I get it

    You make something, I work to make it better.

    On the other hand, when I make something, I would love to see how you folks make it better as well. After all, this is a community, and I am but a humble (albeit feisty) facilitator.

    Over time, I hope to see everyone of you kick my ass. My role is the teacher. My job is to see you grow and enjoy you thrive.

  • Help! I’m a newbie…

    Deke, I am happy that I found and you along with it.  Your wit and easy way of presenting makes my assimilation of the materials so much easier- I am a visual learner.

    However, I have been stumped and request your help.  I have made a street map for a friend in PS CS4 and it has various layers.  In converting it to a PDF, I can’t get the layers to export and show in the layers panel of Acrobat 9 Pro, where I can turn them on/off.

    I have tried “Save As” for PS PDF, with three original files: a .tif; .psd; and .psb

    Can you give me any clues?  I Appreciate your tireless efforts in helping us all!  I voted for the ‘free video blog’ but I think you might need a break more!!


  • adjustment layer setup preference

    Deke,  I am hooked on! 

    CS5 Extended on a macBookPro running Lion.

    I have a question.  When I click on the adjustment layer icon, I get the new layer thumbnail but I do not get the automatic mask thumbnail.

    What have I done wrong?

    Thanks so much ...


  • Here’s my final version

    So Deke, you wanted a challenge? Here’s mine! I published on the same page my final Hulk girl! Now I’m quite satisfied apart for the veins that I had to suppress cause in the full-res image they always look fake (tried a lot with bevel and emboss but no really good results)... maybe it that aspect you’ll be able to achieve a good effect!

    Thanks again for you’re techniques, you’re awesome!


  • I like it!

    The only thing missing is the veins that you had begun adding in the first version. I’m going to add vein-making to my wish-list of Deke’s Techniques.

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