Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Tuesday’s CS4 Preview from Adobe

Before you start your weekend… (Ah, I remember weekends, before I started working on the CS4 One-on-One offerings) don’t forget to sign up here to join Adobe for the unveiling of CS4 on Tuesday. They promise brilliance, don’tcha know. (I’ve been watching Deke videos for days, don’tcha know. Next thing, I’ll using phrases like “As it turns out” or “in order to undo that modification.”) We’re very excited around here to soon be able to debate the new features of our favorite Creative Suite applications with you, the revered citizens of dekeTopia.

When you get to the registration page, you can choose your time for viewing the launch event. You a die-hard, have-to-know-it-first kinda person? I’m thinking go for the “Europe 11AM” slot, and get the scoop before all your North American friends even wake up. Here in California, for me that means something like 3AM depending on Adobe’s actual definition of “Europe.” OK, in fairness, it says Central European Time, so that’s 9 hours ahead for me, which puts me at the much more civilized hour of 2AM. But what is sleep compared to knowledge you can lord over your friends for at least 8 hours, during some of which they may not even still be asleep? (Ah, I remember sleep, of course, that was before I started working on the CS4 One-on-One offerings…) See you at virtual Adobe, my die-hard comrades!

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