Dynamic Warp Distortions in Adobe Illustrator: Fish and Twist

Deke's Techniques by Deke McClelland

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques movie, Deke twists and fishes a couple of Zs in some final touches to extruded blend project in Adobe Illustrator.

(No that’s not a euphemism for a nap. Wake up, this is visually exciting stuff!)

He begins by applying a “Fish” warp to the back partner of the central Z in the puzzle, resulting in this effect when it incorporates with the existing object blend:


Here’s a glimpse at what the Z thinks it looks like after the warp compared to what the paths think it should be.

The Z gets

In the video, you’ll see how step two is to get that second Z to wrap around the fished out extrusion with a twist of its own. And then, at long last these letters have been pulled, twisted, warped, chopped, blended into position. I’m not sure they (or we) could have taken anymore.

And for members of Lynda.com or LinkedIn Learning, Deke’s got two exclusive movies this week in which he puts the final garnish on this word salad, beginning with blended lines and shapes for extra crunchiness:

Shape and line object blends in the background

And then a couple last bits of piquant vegetation (supplied by variations on a roughened up E stolen from elsewhere in the puzzle) which are stashed behind last week’s “eggplant” shape

Some roughage added for extra visual crunch

And here is the final result:

The entire extruded letter project in outline view 6

That’s all truly all there is, but properly dressed in Illustrator’s object blends and dynamic effects, it becomes this lettery, lettucy masterpiece.

The final extruded letter project

If you’d like to download Deke’s file to dekeConstruct this project and taste all the ingredients for yourself, you can grab it below.

Deke’s Techniques, dishing up delicious dynamic effects for your creative appetite.

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