Five Minutes to the Doodle Revolution

If you missed our Martini Hour Doodle Revolution episode with Sunni Brown (or more likely, you haven’t found 37-odd free minutes to listen to it) check out this five-minute take on Sunni’s attempts to overthrow the anti-doodle establishment.

In an Ignite talk, the presenter has five minutes and twenty slides to share an idea, observation, or ingenious plan to subvert convention. The slides advance automatically, so the Ingiter has to keep the conversation moving. It’s fun. It’s informative. There’s an underlying tension in the audience wondering if the speaker is going to make it around the next turn of the slide at their breakneck speed (I call it the NASCAR effect.) I was actually in the live audience for Sunni’s presentation, and I can confirm that the Revolutionista rocked it.

For more on Sunni and her ongoing campaign, check out her site and her work for Sharpie pens. Viva la Doodle Revolución!

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  • love the doodle revolution!  great idea for a show, cw &dm

    more great proof that one of the ‘worst’ ways to learn something is to sit in an uncomfortable classroom and be forced to listen to boring lectures.  it has been proven over and over again that each of us have different optimum learning methods..

    this actually reminds me of studies done with kids and playing games to learn (difficult subject matter) .  pretty amazing stuff.

    congrats @sunnibrown!  rock on.



  • I will encourage my children to doodle!

    I wish I was a doodler : )

  • Speaking of doodles…

    I thought you guys might like this “animator vs animation” animation that was found on DeviantArt. (I think it’s pretty cool).

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