Five Photoshop Type Techniques

As many of you know, I spend the majority of my work-a-day time creating deep-dive, tutorial-style books and videos. But later this week, I’ll be embarking on something a little different. I’m starting a new series of single-movie recipe videos for, which we’re tentatively calling “Deke’s Techniques.” Many (not all) will be available as free weekly video blogs on this very site. Here are a few examples of the effects I’ll show you how to create:

Five Photoshop type techniques

I created all of these images in Photoshop. And amazingly, all but the brand and metal effects employ live editable text (albeit, as smart objects in the case of ice and fire). I’ll keep you posted when these begin to go live.

In case you’re curious, the ice, brand, and fire effects employ images from the Fotolia image library. The gold and metal effects are 100 percent synthetic.

Let me know what kinds of effects you’d like to create!

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    When I clicked on the above illustrations, I received a Page Not Found message

  • Yin and Yang

    Hi Deke:

    I am a big fan, both of your “one on one” Photoshop books and on

    Have you ever created a tutorial on how you would create the Yin and Yang symbol in Illustrator, including fills?  Some of your other fans maybe interested.

    Hope I didn’t miss it, if you have do already.



  • It takes you to to

    It takes you to to a Free Trial Account Signup courtesy of Deke and

    The tutorials are not yet available at called Deke’s Techniques.

  • Unable to find the Techniques files

    It appears they are still not available.  If this is incorrect, can someone provide the search terms or a link?



    New Albany (Columbus) Ohio

  • \“Deke’s Techniques\”

    Is slated to begin January 4.

  • Best workflow color settings.

    I am new here.  Also, I received PS CS5 and Deke’s book, 1 on 1, for Christmas.

    I am told to change the color settings to Deke’s Best Workflow.  How do I know what changes are being made, and how do I return to the original settings in the future, if I want to?  I have the feeling I will not change back based on the quality of the book and lessons, but I would like to have the option.  Thanks.  Gene L

  • I answered my own questions.

    I answered my own questions.  I see in the “details” of the PS windows there are options to return to the defaule settings.

  • Download sample files

    When I go to, as directed to get the sample files, I am taken to the Video download page.  This is fine to download the video lessons, but where are the zip files for the supplemental materials and files?

  • That’s only a week.

    Good to hear. We’ve got something good to look forward to starting 2011.

  • Sample Files

    If you click on the lesson names, it will twirl open a description of the lesson, and the link for the zip files is contained at the end of the description. 


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