Geek-Workslaves: Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

One of the handiest tools I have for mantaining my glamorous online lifestyle while still managing to get outside once in a while, is my Pixel Sunscreen by ThinkTank. Anyone who’s ever tried to use a laptop outside can appreciate this handy device which creates an instant pop-up fortress of darkness for your laptop, complete with secret compartments and velcro hatches where powercords and storage devices can attach. Although it’s ostensibly made for photographers by a company that specializes in camera bags, it also works quite well for studious sidekicks trying to blog from her vacation at family camp.  (I just miss you guys too much.) Here it is in fact, in it’s collapsed state, lounging next to my laptop on a sunny chaise on the lodge patio.

When released from confinement…

it explodes car sunscreen style, into a fabulous cave like dwelling which at this very minute is allowing me to communicate with the beloved dekeOmmunity (that and some stolen bandwidth I bribed the camp manager for). Here it is, ready for work, while majestic pines watch over happy lanyard-weaving children.

The first time I set this baby up at my son’s baseball game (during warm-up only of course) I was afraid he’d be mortified at having the ultimate geek mom, but apparently even teenage baseball players can appreciate the convenience of being able to see your screen outside. Of course, I didn’t push my luck by using the extra over-your-head hood that comes with it.

People seem facinated by the Pixel Suncreen actually. Even as I type this, with my MacBook Pro safely ensconsed (an it’s the 17” version by the way) inside it’s cave, people are walking by asking about it. Of course, they are also accusing me of being a) a workoholic, or b) antisocial, or c) internet addicted, but I can tell they are jealous. And once you figure out how to collapse it back to it’s disc-like state, it fits inside your average totebag or larger than average backpack (it’s thin, but a bit circular for the rectangular backpack.)

You can check out the Pixel Sunscreen here, and be the envy of all your lazy, gregarious friends who don’t appreciate the wonders of online living.

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  • Or d)...

    Or d) all of the above.

    Oh that and, I WANT ONE!

    So I guess that would make me a ‘d’... minus the ‘a’ part.

  • I’m not much of an iPhone typist

    Plus we like to fill our posts with graphic goodness ‘round here. Then there’s the scenario where I actually try to write chapters on vacation (oh yeah, I’m doing that right now.) At least with the tent on my lap, I look like I’m diligently working.

  • I’m with C on this one

    There’ll be no phone-bloggin’ ‘round these parts.

    C knows my blog rule: Give me a paragraph, a compelling graphic (ain’t happening over a cell), and then get the hell off the front page.

    Only one allowed to violate that rule: Me.

    But I’m with you on Mark Oliver Everett. He’s one loco Hombre Lobo. Listening to Eels, now you’re really living.

  • This needs some work..

    I believe that this is just the begining of something better… Maybe a stick-on screen shield could do the trick without screaming “hey look at me”.


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