Hoe gaat het, Deke?

Greetings from Amsterdam, dekerLanders. The Dutch publishers of Deke’s One-on-One books have invited him here to do some webinars, even record a Martini Hour or two, and speak at a giant Adobe User Group XL conference. You probably figured out we were somewhere out of our usual time zone when we managed to post “Thursday’s” Martini Hour in the middle of Wednesday afternoon. Yeah, that’s how we get catch up: by moving several time zones to the east. Here’s Deke teaching this morning’s early bird session on Channels & Masks.

I got to tag along because we’re going to record some Martini Hours later today. We’ve got some fun guests lined up, a bottle of Jenever (the traditional liquor of the Netherlands, not to mention the alcoholic precursor of Deke’s beloved gin), and a possible visit from Sinterklaas. Proost!

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  • Jenever!

    Do remind me to tell you my story about Jenever in Amsterdam. Oh what memories (however blurry they may be)... I’m actually off for Sweden—I’ll wave from Skandanavia!

    Mordy Golding


  • Bummed out…

    Man, I am bummed… Deke being a mere 45 kilometers away instead of a couple of 1000, and Colleen as well. Alas, it was not to be, no way to get a day off.

    Hopefully, till next time!

  • Putting the lessons to practice already ...

    Thanks for a great day Deke!

    And I’m already putting the lessons to practice already!

    @MacFanGuy: We missed you!

  • Didn’t get all the accompanying material

    Hi Deke, I just got home after a long, boring, stinking trainride from Amsterdam all the way to Gronigen. It was a thrilling day for me, meeting you and all the other creatives, Adobeans®, Apple Fanboys, presenters, Wacommunitarians™ and all other designers and developers (or devingers for some).

    I’m sure it was a wonderful experience for you too in “De Meervaart”.

    However, I’m not sure I got everything from your Photoshop hands-on lab.

    I’ve used the link on the page from the hands-on to get the free 7-day trial pass to Lydia.com, but the HTML-file I saved (PsCM videos.htm) during your hands-on didn’t link to the online files, but rather local files on the macs themselves. (which I was unable to safe since I didn’t have enough space on my usb flashdrive)

    So I didn’t get everything from the hands-on (“half mask start to finish”).

    Also, because I had to leave early for another pres./session, I’m not sure whether or not you gave out a book or dvd for the hands-on lab, if you did, I unfortunately didn’t get it. So my question: can something be arranged?

    Many kind regards, Dave, Netherlands

  • Jenever Worked Great for Martini Hour

    And our guests, Dutch publisher Bob van Duuren and Adobe’s Jason Levine and Serge Jespers were wonderful.

  • Corrupt File, CS4 Channels & Masks

    I am in the process of working through your CS4 Channels & Masks tutorials and was unable to open the “Ancient doorway.psd”  file because the file is corrupted (missing end code). I’ve tried to open it from a file copied to my hard drive and also directly from the CD.  No luck!  Is the anyway I can get a usable copy of the file so that I can do this section of the lesson?


  • Hoe gaat het, Deke

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  • Hoe gaat het

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    Also, because I had to leave website design early for another pres./session, I’m not sure whether or not you gave out a book or dvd for the logo design hands-on lab, if you did, I unfortunately didn’t get it. 

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