How I Accidentally Pre-evacuated a Week Ago

You have a mother, right? I have a mother. I guess we all have mothers. They’re so awesome.

Mine called me yesterday to protect me. It might have gone something like this:

My mom: “Hello, Deke?” Me (you’ll get the rhythm of the thing in a moment): “Hi, Mom, what’s up?” “Deke, dear, your house is on fire.” “Sorry, Mom, I was working on something . . . what?” “Deke, sweet boy, your house is on fire. It’s on the news. And it looks like you might have to evacuate soon.” “Mom, I’m not at home. I’m in California.” “Oh, oh, wait a moment. Yes, now they’re asking you to please evacuate your house. Because it’s on fire.”

Or it might have gone this way:

My mom: “Deke, my son.” Me: “Mom, seriously, is that you? You never call. Let me switch to a secure line.” “No time for that, bub. There’s some huge shit going down on the south side of your home town of Boulder, Colorado.” “Gimme the news, Mom. You know I like it in black and white.” “Fly away, bird, fly away home. Your house is on fire, your children are alone.” “Will do, Mom, thanks for the tip. And cheers on your promotion to Major General of the World!”

In reality, it was something in between. My very cool mom just called to tell me that this year’s Zombie Apocalypse begins in Colorado, where approximately the entire state is on fire, including a space close to me. Well, not me, because I accidentally pre-evacuated a week ago to Santa Barbara, California, where life is beautiful all the time. (My boys are safe on the other side of Boulder, btw, ironically attending swim team practice every morning. They may burn, but not from the fire.)

To quote the Daily Camera (a local missive of merit): “Aided by a massive C-130 air tanker, Boulder County firefighters are battling a 200-to-300-acre wildfire west of Boulder this afternoon, a fast-growing and ‘extreme’ blaze that has forced the evacuation of 26 households in the foothills and put parts of south Boulder on pre-evacuation notice.”

Of all the photos I found, the following gave me the best glimpse. My place is about six blocks to your left (south). The fire is about 2 miles away (west and slightly south), on the other side of the Flatirons (big jutting rocks, here buried in smoke), which might hopefully serve as a geographic barrier.

The Flagstaff Fire as captured from less than a mile from my home

A few tidbits:

  • The fire started around 1:15pm yesterday afternoon, possibly by lightning.
  • Having originally amassed at Fairview High School (across the street from my place), 250 firefighters are now out and about and on the job. May the gods and their, uh, waterbolts (?) be with you!
  • Seven aircraft are at work, including two varieties of tankers. That’s got to be good, right? Because those things expend enormous amounts of fuel to put out a fire.
  • So far, the fire is 0% contained. Which I regard as good news, because it leaves lots of room for improvement.

More from the Daily Camera: “Pre-evacuation orders were also issued Tuesday to 2,416 south Boulder phone numbers in the neighborhoods of Table Mesa, Devil’s Thumb and Highland Park, which are bordered by Dartmouth Avenue to the north, Greenbriar Avenue to the south, Broadway to the east and the foothills to the west. Those orders remain in effect.”

That would be me. Except, as I say, I accidentally pre-evacuated a week ago.

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  • hi Im a fellow designer and

    hi Im a fellow designer and im having trouble with adobe indesign cs5 and transparancy. I made a catalog with a bunch of placed psd files and gradient feathered objects and they are at the printer/press printing wierd lines on the pdf. what can I do? it has to do with transparencies being incorrect- is there something that I can do?

  • Zombie Apocalypse

    My thoughts are with you and all of your neighbors and firefighters.  I was evacuated (on purpose) last September during the Texas wildfires.  It’s a scary scary thing not knowing…

  • Thinking of you and your family

    Pleased to hear you and yours are safe and well, Deke. Such hell in the beautiful State of Colorado. :(

  • Be safe

    I was a long time resident of Colorado, north Denver suburbs, before moving east.  Be safe, Deke.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your neighbors and the firefighters.

  • Hey Deke (or anyone) Question About Trial install

    I had really hoped that “someone” would have replied to this by now… hard to believe that I’m the only person still running a 32bit machine :(

    Has anyone installed the 32bit Trial version of Photoshop CS6 Extended ?? (And paid attention to things that might have been missing?).

    Although CS5 ran fine on 32bit XP Pro machines… I wanted to make sure that Adobe’s new rendering engine did not cause problems (which it did not).

    Because of the three (3) problems (listed below) the install was tried on two (almost) identical XP machines that we were rebuilding. Each had a new, pristine (yet vanilla) O.S. on them and (obviously) no trace of any Adobe product. Trials were downloaded directly from Adobe.

    The installs were flawless but: on both these installs (and yet another one we tried, in desperation, using the Master Collection install:

    (1) the 3D workspace was missing from the pulldown workspace menu (or anywhere else).

    (2) the new Workspace button which all tutorials and photos show as being located on the far right of the tool bar did not exist and

    (3) help or F1 returned a “not connected to internet” error message.

    Item three is not a big deal but since Adobe states that the Trial version is a fully functional “extended” version (but reverts to “standard” depending on the serial purchased).. Why would any 3D option be completely missing (it’s not even a greyed out choice).

    I assume something to be wrong since the “workspace button” is not showing either… and that has nothing to do with extended or not.

    I’ve used PS since 1995 (version 3 I recall) so I’m no newbie.

    I only speak English so communicating with the lower tier techs at Adobe was a worthless endeavor but I was basically told… ” Sir, you need to buy it first, then you can tell us what’s wrong”. Good Grief !!!

    Deke.. Do you or anyone know what’s up with this ??

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