Howard Stern Begins Work on a Photoshop Course

As recently as yesterday, Howard Stern mentioned that he recently subscribed to for the express purpose of learning Photoshop. Listen to this brief audio clip. It is, as with all things Howard and Robin Quivers, quite funny. According to Mr. Stern, we at LDC possess the keen and noble ability to “explain shit so easily that I can actually, kinda, almost do it.”

While Stern makes it clear that he went to the site in search of Photoshop training, he makes no mention of the author. Maybe me, maybe not. (Such luminaries as Michael Ninness, Chris Orwig, Jan Kabili, and most recently Bert Monroy also contribute on the topic.) But somehow, for whatever the reason, Howard Stern is learning Photoshop from our plentiful library. We wish him well.

Needless to mention, I’m using this clip without his permission. Hopefully he doesn’t sue my ass. That would really suck.

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  • LDC… is one thing… Deke himself is another, higher, superior race of humanoid “ish” !

  • That learning curve

    With all the best will in the world and all those luminaries at LDC, it takes at least a year to feel even in the least bit, ‘proficient’ with PhotoShop CS5. There is also a question of ‘teaching style’. Yours Deke is an acquired taste but one I have come to relish more than most over the years. Thank you.
    Bob (in the UK)

  • You stand alone!!!

    You have a good sense of humour Deke, and a good teaching voice. Well you are teaching me!!, and that’s not an easy thing. Keep on Trucking.

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