Illustrator Advanced on Its Way; Same Goes for Deke’s Techniques

Just returned home from a long day at the office. And, boy, am I psyched.

First, my Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced course goes live at my beloved video publisher tomorrow. It will include, among other things, the following neon type effect created entirely from scratch using Illustrator combined with just a small dash of Photoshop. Working together as never witnessed before in the history of mankind.

Realistic neon type created in Illustrator CS6

I’m so taken with it, I might feature it in a future episode of Deke’s Techniques.

Speaking of which, second, I recorded a crazy number of Deke’s Techniques movies just this very day. (Technically yesterday, but whatever. I’m still awake.) All of 8, which is amazing, given that I usually record on average about 2. They’re really hard! Anyway, as a result, you have this collection of Andy Warhol-style silkscreen-like variations to look forward to:

Six variations on an idea inspired by Andy Warhol, that nutty guy

I plan to call it Andy Warhol taught everyone nothing.

I know, I’ve explored Warhol treatments in the past. But while that was funny, this is better. I’ll get back to you later on everything.

I have only one tidbit to add: Andy Warhol taught everyone nothing. Oops, already said that.

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  • How can we make a suggestion for Deke’s Technique’s?

    The neon is so beautiful! I just love it! I will definitely start using that!
    Sorry for me being lazy and not checking your site more thouroughly, but:
    I had an idea for an video in Deke’s Technique’s. How can we submit suggestions again?


  • Suggestions for Deke’s Techniques

    Hi, fmw. You’re welcome to post ideas for Deke’s Techniques right here, although if you want a live person to prompt Deke directly, feel free to email me at Colleen at Deke dot com. Whatcha have in mind?


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