Irish Inspirations, Day 0: Part III of Europe in the Off-Season

Welcome to Part III in our design-absorbing adventures in Europe during the slow season, in which we stuff our suitcases full of warm clothes, gladly endure a little chill in order to avoid hordes of tourists, and share inspiring bits of design that we find along the way.

If you missed Parts I (Amsterdam) and II (Venice), it’s because I never quite wrote them. Don’t let that stop me!

spiderbunny at Sacramento Metro Airport

This year’s destination is Ireland. But my particular journey started, as most of mine do, at the Sacramento airport, where this gigantic red bunny reminds you that every journey is potential a trip down the rabbit hole. Spiderbunny, as I like to call him, is one of those pieces of public art that people have mixed opinions on. I think he’s kind of beautiful, and he reminds me of both heading to a new Wonderland or coming gratefully home. In this case, he was right about the adventure ahead.

After a major re-routing of our flight plan, Deke and I arrived in Dublin several hours later than expected. The original plan for Day 1 was to share images from our trip to the Guinness Storehouse. Instead, the clutch in our first rental car burnt out (I won’t mention who was driving: Deke) and we were able to experience this ingeniously designed Irish tow-truck hidden inside what looks like a delivery van.

One way to experience new cultures is to have a breakdown on the busiest road you can possibly get lost on, and then meet the locals who arrive to rescue you. Not only does Mark, our tow-truck operator have a handy winch disguised as a bread truck, but he got us up to speed on Irish driving culture as he gave us a lift back to get a new car. Which is way better than the first car anyway.

Don’t worry, things will get better tomorrow. I know this because we’re several time zones ahead of where we usually are and, as pictured below, we’ve already experienced a terrific tomorrow.

Colleen at the Guinness Gravity Bar in Dublin, Ireland

See you then!

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