Irish Inspirations, Day 6: Happy Shadow Puppet Turkey Day

Irish Inspirations, Day 6

Outside, there wasn’t much to share visually about this rainy Thanksgiving Day in Galway. Except that we almost forgot it was Thanksgiving. We wandered in the rain in the “Latin Quarter,” ducking in for a pint or a coffee where appropriate, completely oblivious.

Then suddenly we were in this rather touristy pub, and the proprietress wandered in and started hanging American flags about. We notice they even advertised a pub quiz that night where the qualifying question was whether you knew the capital of New York. We were suddenly reminded that we were missing out on turkey, cranberries, and the usual comforting family tension back home.

To honor the missing holiday and alleviate our non-existent homesickness, we decided to make traditional hand turkeys with what we had, well, at hand. That happened to be a low-res camera and a silhouette of Deke’s temporarily pint-free paw. We combined that with a few of our vacation snapshots to give it texture, and voila, instant Thanksgiving wherever you go. OMG, is that a turkey in the middle of the streets of Galway?

hand turkey shadow on cobblestone

Hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day! We know we did.

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