Martini Hour 016, In Which Deke Reveals His Fear of the Digital Trash Can

Hello, my delightful dekeLounge dwellers. So glad to have you back once again. This week, it’s a traditional Martini Hour with me and my good friend Deke sipping, well, martinis, and engaging in some classic Martini Hour shenanigans like the Secret Handshake and He Said/She Said. Here’s what we’ve got for you this week, starting with our classic logo:

Secret Handshake: The Mysteries of the Clipping Function in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator: Clipping definitely qualifies as a secret handshake, especially when you try to sort out how this “porthole” effect varies in different Creative Suite applications. Listen as Deke reveals how your understanding of clipping is contingent upon which application you’re using. Bottom line: Your content goes in in InDesign, on in Photoshop, and under in Illustrator. Don’t get it? Listen to the podcast and you will.

He Said/She Said: Take Out the Trash: One time—one time! sheesh—Deke sees me take a file we need out of the Trash on my laptop. And he’s suddenly convinced (and scared) that I intentionally store files in the Trash. I try to explain that my bad habit isn’t that I store things in the Trash; it’s that I don’t empty the Trash, which in this case makes our lives more convenient because we don’t have to re-download a large audio file. So, really, he should be grateful.

Toast of the Week: The DAM Book by Peter Krogh: This week we raise our conical glasses to Peter Krogh and his new book, the second edition of The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers. Peter, let it be said, does not advocate storing any of your important digital assets in the Trash. (Nor do I, Deke! Despite your attempt to twist facts.)

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