Martini Hour 018, In Which Deke Takes on Two Women at Once

If you’ve ever had one too many martinis and can’t remember where you stored the components of your complicated project, this week’s guest has the answer for you. Veteran product manager, Karen Gauthier—our first ever international visitor to the dekeLounge—travels all the way from Ottawa (that’s in Canada, you know) to bring us a preview of GridIron Flow. Flow is an amazing product that keeps track of your digital files and presents them to you in a beautiful, detailed map. In fact, Flow is so sexy it inspired this week’s graphic.

We’re guessing Flow will be the Best New Design Product of 2009, and we have something special for you: a wicked good deal. Thanks to our large and swelling ranks (>10,000 members before the month is out!), GridIron Software has seen fit to offer denizens of dekeTropolis a special deal: $50 off the purchase price of Flow. It’s a unique discount available only from this URL: Would we steer you wrong? No we would not. (We choose our partners! They do not choose us! Power to the dekeple!)

As you consider your purchase, here’s what’s in store in this week’s episode:

Karen explains how Flow works behind the scenes to track your assets (even those that are offline), keeps you from accidentally trashing important files, saves versions of your file, and generally does so “without changing the way you work.”

Listen also as Karen dispells the myth of Canadian politeness by swearing like a sailor. (Albeit, a softly spoken one.) Suffice it to say, we are not sh%#ing the sh@t with an ordinary product manager.

Interested? How can you resist? Here’s the regular-quality (192kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

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  • Martini Hour Reviews


    I just managed to grab a few minutes to write a quick iTunes review of Martini Hour even though I am still yet to be able to download episode 018 here in New Zealand.

    Anyway I was a little surprised to see only one other review. Is that just me here in the Antipodes (we share an iTune store with our “friends” in Australia) or are there really not that many people with time to spare to write a review?

    Regardless of that, thanks Deke and Colleen you are making my winter time walks to work a lot more fun, and informative.

    Now if I could just get my employer to remove most of the sites I want to access from the Firewall list when I get to work I would be able to capitalise on the fresh information.

    RapidBill - NZ

  • Flow and Captivate

    Hey, this really interests me as I’m in E-learning and there are a lot of files that get tossed around between applications when doing that.

    Does Flow work of Adobe Captivate? If so that would be a new level of awesomeness, especially when you have two people working on the same project (One creating the script, slides, and doing general planning. The other creating Flash animations, cleaning up images, and cleaning up after the other guy (I hate Closed Captioning)).

  • Karen of GridIron infamy

    Karen of GridIron infamy here… we are actively collecting application support requests from our testers.  Our plan is to roll out additional support after we ship.  Captivate is not on the official list of applications for release 1.0 but I will certainly add it to the list for rollout support. 

    click here for a list of currently supported applications

    thanks for your interest!! download the beta and give it a try :)

  • Al Having just entered the


    Having just entered the race!!

    And that race would be the digital, web site creation type of thing.

    It is very enjoyable to be able to sit back and spend some time with Coleen, Deke, and Friends. Of course the site is great to have, learn so much.

    Thanks Al.

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