Martini Hour 024, In Which Deke Gets His Can of Copyright Worms Spilled All Over Again (by DAM-guy P

Ah, I am starting to enjoy this Thursday visit to the dekeLounge. A half-hour with my good buddy Deke and an awesome special guest, and it’s like the weekend has already started. And what could be better than a guest who knows what to drink. Not only is Peter Krogh the preeminent expert in digital asset management (that’s the DAM acronym we have so much dam fun with, because we’re eleven-year-olds underneath our cosmopolitan veneers), but the man requested we have Bombay Sapphire martinis to lubricate our discussion of how to manage all those dam(n) photos.

Fresh off the publication of the second edition of his bestselling The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers, here’s what Peter had to share over martinis:

Peter’s got great advice for where to get started in digital imaging wrangling, the benefits of cataloging software vs. browsers, and how you should be thinking about collecting sound and movie assets as well. Learn about Peter’s nuanced advice for rating images so that your rating system actually means something when you go to find your best stuff. We also learn about the untimely demise of Peter’s musical cocktail shaker.

Dam(n) intregued, and why wouldn’t you be? Here’s the regular-quality (192kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

For you rant-loving audiophiles out there, here’s the high-quality (320kbps) file. Definitely download this one (as opposed to streaming it).

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  • Roger Head Camp

    Head Camp Counselor
    Camp Photoshop


    First off I wasn’t sure where to post this but here seemed as good as anyplace. I’m about to loose it and I thought I’d try the man Deke before my head explodes.

    I have the CS4 Master Collection installed on my 2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core running OS X 10.5.7. So I’m up to date. The issues is that most of my Adobe apps crash when I exit the application. Not as bad as crashing while I’m in the middle of working on something but still not cool. I’m sure you can think of more reasons that I can why that’s just not cool.

    I’ve look all over online and even called Adobe for a solution. Online I found no solution but many people with the same issue. Calling Adobe ended up being a complete joke. The low level tech (I just got this $5 an hour offshore outsourced job last week so what do I know except to read the same Adobe info on line that’s available to the public so I don’t really know much dude) was no help at all except making the problem worse by making none of my apps work at all (I had to reinstall the entire suite and still have the exact same problem). After all that he said he’d have to research the issue and call back within 24 hours. It’s been 36 hours and honestly I don’t really want him to call back because his help was more painful than helpful.

    So then there’s Deke. So maybe you have some friends at Adobe that are interested in my silly little problem (that lots of other users have too). Or better yet maybe you know the solution…I mean really you are the man, right?


  • Have you tried zapping the PRAM?

    I suspect this is ultimately a memory management issue, with the application choking on releasing RAM back to the operating system. The Bridge is particularly problematic in this dept, in my experience.

    Zapping the PRAM is a good first precaution. That’s Cmd-Opt-P-R during powerup.

    I assume you’ve already flushed out the offending app’s preferences? What works for Photoshop (see Top 40, Feature #40) works for many of the other apps as well, though some don’t require as many keys. (You press Option only for the Bridge. Why Adobe hasn’t standardized this is anyone’s guess.)

    I’ve also found OnyX—from the oddly named (presumably b/c they’re French) Titanium’s Software—to be a decent program for cleaning out the works.

    It’s always best if all your programs are Intel-savvy (Universal Binary). For example, I was amazed how much switching to Office 2008 improved the performance of every other program I was using. Invoking Rosetta really seams to screw everything else up.

    Let me know if any of that helps. If not, I can dig deeper.

  • Roger Head Camp

    Head Camp Counselor
    Camp Photoshop


    Thanks for all the suggestions. I gave those a try with the same results. A couple of things:

    1) I should have mentioned that Photoshop does not crash if I start it do nothing and close it. It’s only crashes after some work and then closing. Illustrator and Indesign both crash when I close even it I just open then close. This is the same trouble others are having on the Adobe forums.

    2) Regarding the Intel-savvy comment, I used the activity monitor and realized that there’s a bunch of stuff running even when I just start up my computer. At least half of it’s from Apple so it should be ok. But I can’t see a way to identify if anything is running in Rosetta. Is there a way to find this out?

  • Roger Head Camp

    Head Camp Counselor
    Camp Photoshop

    Note I should have replied but made a new comment instead. Anyway my response is there.

  • \“It just works\”

    Got one quad core,  intel m-25 SSD (faster than hardware raid - don’t work on macs) 64-bit windows 7 and Photoshop (only 32-bit on macs) and no computing degree but all work brilliantly, so I can only suggest you get a p.c if you want powerfull photoshop performance that actually does work. Still a beautifull case on the mac pro, does function dictate form?

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    Martini Hour 024 -

    If I click on the purple image I get: Page not found

    Was that meant to be an additional link to the audio?

  • Bad link fixed

    Was meant to take you to this very page.

    Fixed now—thanks to you, j.

  • Thanks for fixing the link

    Thanks for fixing the link

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    What could be better than a guest who knows what to drink.

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