Martini Hour 036, In Which Deke Christens This Week’s Caller Daffodil

Hello, friends. Deke here this week. (Colleen is buried hundreds of pages deep inside a book we hope to one day call Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One, which is slated for delivery next month. Poor dear; book writing is such torment.) And so it is my esteemed privilege to present you with Martini Hour 036, the last dekeLounge-recorded Martini Hour before we embark on a long series of shows captured live and loose from Las Vegas. Baby.

This week’s C&D-only show features a question from a caller who fails to identify herself. I dub her Daffodil because she sounds so sweet and pretty and harmless. But Daffodil’s question is about the most horrifying one we’ve encountered, perfect for Halloween: Why is it that Pantone spot colors look one way in Illustrator and InDesign, and another in Photoshop? And how in the world do you correct this problem?

By way of example, we take on Pantone 172: Is it Pumpkin or Grenadine? (See the swatches in the graphic, top left. I mean, holy shit, how different are those?)

The answer to Daffodil’s first question (why?) is shockingly complicated and has nothing to do with the overarching Adobe Color Engine. The answer to the second question (how?) is simple—change Photoshop to match the others. You’d never discover the answer for yourself mind you (nor would’ve I, if it’s any consolation). But still, once you get it (in Photoshop: choose Pantone Solid to Process), you get it.

If you hear a bit of crazed tension in our voices, it’s because what you’re hearing is our second approach to the show. After about an hour of research and preparation, we began the first take, only to have me kill it outright about 15 minutes in—all to the considerable dismay of everyone around me. Just as there’s blood on the colors in this week’s episode, there was blood in the air among the crew. (As for Colleen’s state of mind, well, what does not kill you makes you stronger.) But I’m convinced—and so are we all—that the result is a tighter, more educational and kinetic piece. Even if we do sound slightly addled.

Want to hear Colleen and I at our anguished best? Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.  And don’t forget the usual blather: Subscribe via iTunes. Call 1-888-dekepod with your questions. (That’s 1-888-335-3763.) Just as Daffodil did.

In the meantime, enjoy life to the fullest that you’re able. I live in Boulder, CO, and everyone around me is a ripped mountain-biking mountain climber. (Seriously. I am a flabby fat bastard by comparison.) And I’m here to tell you: Sometimes a drink in one hand and a friend in the other is a better way to live.

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  • Halloween

    Hey D and C!!!

    We going to have any Halloween special tips and tricks?

    Mmm Cookies!

  • Spot Color Comparison between Illustrator and Photoshop

    Great job. My first listen to a Martini Hour. I found it very useful to just listen to instructions while I opened up Photoshop and clicked. I can’t do anything while I watch your videos. Maybe on the DVDs with your books, you could have the audio files of what you do in the videos, so we can actually follow along. I am a hands-on learner, so that works for me. I remember this Pantone Solid to Process tip in Photoshop so well now. Thank you. I think I’ll just extract audio files from your videos. That is good for me.

  • Hour 036 High Quality

    Just a quick heads up .. It looks like the HTML gods/goddesses have hiccuped.  The High Quality is only serving up an 8k file.

    Keep up the excellent series.  Theres so much packed into each episode its a shame to miss even one kb of the Deke/Colleen goodness that is Martini Hour

    Thanks muchly for the most interesting series on the net.

  • Thanks, Stan. Hi res for MH 36 fixed.

    Appreciate the heads up and the kind words.

  • Mark—if you’re willing to

    Mark—if you’re willing to spend some time/effort, it’s pretty trivial to hack the audio out of a video file, leaving you with a distinct audio-only file. Once you have the process down, most of the time you can sit back and let the computer do the work for you.

    The exact process will depend on the video source—whether it’s an actual DVD (more time consuming) or whether it’s a set of MOV files (You could rip the audio right out of them, but in QuickTime and I assume other programs you can simply tell it to play the audio without the video!)—but it’s always possible, even if it requires the brute force method of using a piece of software to listen to the audio and re-record it for you. grin



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  • Great work buddy

    Great work buddy, keep it up!

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