Martini Hour 038, In Which Deke Temporarily Abdicates Interviewing Duties to RC Concepcion

Welcome, martini swillers of all persuasions. It’s time for another installment of Martini Hour recorded at Photoshop World live from the Eyecandy Lounge in the Mandalay Bay. In this second live installment, we sit down with a couple of amazing instructors who not only teach Photoshop, but also InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, and more. Namely, Terry White and Rafael “RC” Concepcion—both of whom, by the way, are man enough to enjoy a stiff appletini.

Here’s what we discovered over our strangely glowing drinks:

First of all, Terry White proves himself to be the consummate multitasker in that he is busy, during our very interview, rendering the Photoshop World keynote and taking pictures while sort of listening to Deke’s (and RC’s) questions. Terry handles the InDesign training at Photoshop World, and RC teaches a lot of the web material that helps people get their photos up online. It’s a lively conversation, fueled by the deceptively manly yet noticeably green concoction known as the appletini. RC even explains how using video applications like Flash, After Effects, and Premiere is analogous to using layers in Photoshop. RC is one of those gurus who empowers you by just explaining what you already understand. And he effectively inspires listeners while he effectively uses the word consternation despite sipping a effectively intoxicating cocktail.

By way of effective evidence, Deke humbly submits the following image:

In Terry and RC’s defense, Deke thinks the above appletini looks like a glass of radioactive uranium 238. And it takes some serious cojones to injest uranium.

Terry finishes the visit with the toast to multitasking with friends over drinks of questionable manliness.

How can you resist green drinks and multitasking gurus? Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

And don’t forget the usual blather: Subscribe via iTunes. Call 1-888-dekepod with your questions. (That’s 1-888-335-3763.)

Thanks again to all those who made our live show so fun and entertaining. Stay tuned for more live and lively fun!

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    I was more concerned about Terry’s laptop falling off the small end table than if it would finish rendering…ha!

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