Martini Hour 040, In Which Deke and Scott Kelby Appear Together in Front of Witnesses

It was one of those historic convergences. Like when Henry VIII and Francis I met on the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520. Or when Pacino and DeNiro finally appeared together in the same movie in 1995.  Some wondered whether it would ever happen. But the planets aligned.  It was Photoshop World. It was Las Vegas. And one day, in the fall of 2009, two legends of Photoshop met on the same stage, in the Eyecandy lounge in the Mandalay Bay casino. McClelland. Kelby. Photoshop Magic. And we were there, folks.

Here’s how the historic moment went down.

In this, the fourth of our episodes recorded live in Las Vegas last month, the wonderful and ever-gracious Scott Kelby took time out of presiding over an Entire Freaking Conference Called Photoshop World to join us for our little show. Listen to my Photoshop-dilettante self fall all over herself because I’m sitting within coffee-spitting distance of the two biggest Photoshop geniuses in all the world. (Oh sure, I’m used to Deke, but when Scott Kelby admits to getting much of his early Photoshop knowledge from Deke’s books, somehow that bathes my co-host in a glamorous and glowing light.)

And unlike the notorious Pacino/Deniro meeting in the movie Heat, during which they were never actually in an establishing shot togehter, we had witnesses for the laid back meeting of Scott and Deke. Martini sipping, shoe-eschewing witnesses, who were there to tell the story. In fact, some of them even took the opportunity to ask questions. With the help of our man-in-the-lounge, Grease, passing the microphone, audience members were able to tap this extraordinary resource: two gracious Photoshop instructors who love nothing better than talking about Photoshop. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s Photoshoppery at its most legendary.

Not much else to say. You can’t get much better than this folks. Listen. Learn. Live in the historic moment.

Want to experience the awesomeness of these two powerhouses in one glizty location? Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

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Thanks again to all those who made our live show so fun and entertaining. Stay tuned for more live and lively fun!

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  • Hey Deke!

    Just wanted to thank you for all the great video’s you did for - I’ve watched almost all of them.  You really have helped me step my game up 200% - I really suggest anyone that really wants to know how to master Photoshop watch your series on - Thanks again Deke!

  • Windows 7 and settings

    Deke, I’m having trouble working with your instructions on copying the color settings to the hard drive…..I’m working from your book.  You write to find C:UsersuserAppData ...  etc., but I can not explore to that point.

    Any extra tips?

  • try %appdata%

    pardom me for jumpin’ in ...
    I presume you changed the second “user” (small caps) to match your username. If you can’t “see” the AppData folder it’s likely to be hidden by Windows.
    It’S always funny to read instructions like “on XP locate this, on Vista locate that, on blabla locate…” if all it takes is a simple and unique appraoch to catch all WIndozes at once:
    Instead of messing with folder options, un-hiding system folders and such in attempting to locate the path in explorer, type the string %appdata% into Explorer’s location bar/address bar (the one on top of Explorer that usually displays the folder path) and hit Enter/Return
    That will bring you right inside whatever “AppData” folder belongs to your account and you can continue to drill down.
    IF that doesn’t work for you try the “Run” command from the Startmenu and simply type %appdata% into the textbox and confirm with OK. That’ll run Explorer with the given folder open.

    You can even type %appdata%Adobe to jump right into Adobe’s “global” application folder.



  • Printer drivers

    My printer doesn’t work as fast as it did prior to windows 7…..what’s up?

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