Martini Hour 046, In Which Colleen Discovers Her Dutch Counterpart

And when I say “going native” below, I mean slurping up some Jenever accompanied by raw herring. The latter was brought into the dekeLounge Amsterdam by Deke’s Dutch publisher, Bob Van Duuren and his partner, Wouter Vermeulen. (You’ll probably still be able to smell the fish and its itinerant pickles and onions in next week’s show.) We sit down with the braintrust of Van Duuren Media to find out about translating Deke’s books, publishing computer books in the Netherlands, and the love of “vintage” software.

The revelation of this week’s show is that Bob is Deke’s idol. You see, after years of writing books (and translating a few of you-know-whose into Dutch), Bob went off with Wouter to start his own publishing company. Van Duuren Media now threatens to be the top computer book publisher in the Netherlands. Part of their success is apparently based on Bob’s undying love for Corel’s Ventura Publisher. Listen as Bob and Deke stroll down the memory lane of graphics software, while Wouter and I just worry if the books will be published on time. They’re like our Dutch mirror-images.

Oh, and pay no attention to the fact that Wouter sounds suspiciously like Sinterklaas who visted us on last week’s raucous holiday installment.

Anyway, if you’ve need a break from writing out your New Year’s resolutions, please come spend a few minutes with us and we’ll convince you of the futility. Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save. Be sure to download, don’t stream.And don’t forget the usual suggestion to subscribe via iTunes.  Raising our martini (or Jenever) glasses to you all, and wishing you peace and happiness (and appropriately administered cocktails) in the year ahead.

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