Martini Hour 050, In Which Colleen Discovers Real Men Like to Share

No we didn’t overindulge on cocktails to the point of spilling our darkest secrets on air (which would probably be way more boring than it sounds), rather we spent this week’s Martini Hour talking about sharing photos with two of our photographer friends, Ben Long and Mikkel Aaland.

Oh, sure, “sharing” has a bit of a group-hug vibe about it (and of course we did plenty of that), but it’s really the best catch-all word we could come up with to describe that last phase of the digital workflow—actually getting your work off the computer and out where others can see them. And this week’s conversation is about the myriad ways you have at your disposal these days for letting your images go out into the world—whether the purpose be making people happy, communicating your important message, or bringing home truckloads of cash (yes, Deke added that last one…twice).

Here’s what we have to share this week:

Just where might your little darlings go off to live? Well, of course there are on-demand printers, like our friends at Blurb for instance, who can get you a hard-bound version ($4 for 12 pages, 8 x 1, with a dust jacket no less!) of your collection and allow you to sell it at a price that you set and don’t pay until your fans order it. And it’s not just selling books to fans, but we’re thinking a hard-bound book makes a fairly impressive portfolio for clients as well.

Mikkel also introduces us to a fairly cool iPhone app/postcard sending service via Bill Atkinson. Bill Aktinson’s Photo Card allows you to create a postcard on your iPhone, add postage, and actually have it mailed in real life by the magic elves on the other end. Without your ever needing to pick up a pen or lick your own stamp (if you can find one, I never remember where I put my stamps). You can make a postcard with your own uploaded photo. It’s fairly remarkable. And as Ben says about photos in general, “It’s not really a picture until there is something in my hand.” Mikkel achieves this by sending himself a postcard with this app so we can actually touch it. Because we’re sharing, after all.

We also discuss photo-sharing sites and web distribution, and its effects on the general improvement of photography and photographer’s ability to connect with the world-at-large. It’s a brave new world people; we’ve gone way beyond forcing others to come over and pretend to enjoy our vacation slides.

Come share with us, my sensitive dekeOlites. Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save. Be sure to download, don’t stream. And don’t forget the usual suggestion to subscribe via iTunes.

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  • Wacom Tablet - proper tutorial how to use !

    Hi Deke,

    What about tutorial for best techniques (pro that U use) for Wacom tablets. Which Express keys to use with which shortcuts, what to do with two pen buttons, pressure sensitivity, etc. I own Wacom Bamboo - know it is not high tech - but I am saving money and in 3 monyhs I will get Intuos 3 or 4.

    Best for U my PS God

    Tom from Poland

  • Lovely idea…

    I also own a Bamboo and I could use some tips and tecniques from our beloved master…  thanks for the idea. My tablet was gathering dust in the office. Hopefully it’ll get a second life!

  • A Martini Hour on Tablets?

    If you think we could pull it off in an audio only show, I’d love to do a show about tablet usage. I have one here (courtesy of our fearless leader) but can’t seem to bring myself to find the time to get used to it.

  • Tablet tuorial - video only !!!

    Hi Colleen

    As idea seems to be fine it is lacking the most important feature - video !!! I want to see how and why to “do it”, not hear what is a solution.

    Thanks anyway, but video is the key for flawless understanding


  • hummmmmmmm….

    nice post on this one, and i think it is so informative. thanks for sharing this nice info…

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