Martini Hour 054, In Which Deke Challenges My Brain’s Ability to Retain “Personal” Metadata

What does it take to get invited back to the ‘lounge in short order? Well, we invited Tom Hogarty, Adobe Project Manager of Lightroom, back because a) he knows how to order a martini, and b) he knows a thing or two about a cool application that you can download yourself and check out. We talked with Tom a few weeks ago about Lightroom, Camera Raw, and DNG, but this week, we quiz him directly about some of the new features inside LR 3 beta (which, by the way, you can download and test drive for yourself here).

And Tom, that suave gin-martini-sipping guy he is, deftly navigates us through the new features and improvements:

For instance, in the Library module, the import experience has much more refined controls. You can visually track where from, how, and where to during the import process, which is really reassuring to me. I was especially delighted by no longer having to make or move a copy of an image: you can just “introduce” Lightroom to an image that already exists on your drive. Check it out:

The Develop module, as Tom alluded to during his last visit, has improved rendering of raw files, and added some seriously upgraded noise reduction/sharpening controls. And then of course there are the “Showcase modules” like Web, Slideshow, and Print. You can also share your images on Flickr and receive commentary right there in the Lightroom interface. Leave it to the debonair (and patient) Tom to come up with a word like “showcase” to replace the unsatisfactory “sharing” we’ve been struggling with. We’re going to steal that one.

Sit with us, sip, and learn about the features of Lightroom 3 beta. Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save. For you audiophiles out there, here’s the link to the high-quality (320kbps) version. Be sure to download, don’t stream. And don’t forget the usual suggestion to subscribe via iTunes.

A toast to Adobe for making the beta available and listening to what users want in the next version! And be sure to check out Tom’s blog, the Lightroom Journal and follow him on twitter at @LR_Tom.  You can even become a fan of Lightroom on Facebook. Cheers!

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  • Thanks, Dave! We love requests.

    And I think Photoshop for Web is a great idea for a show.

  • deke saved Hawaii

    I got the advance news of the Tsunami coming toward Hilo bay - OMG - panic - pray what to do?!

    - so I spent all night and day turning all the photos of Hawaii i could find into smart objects

    IT WORKED! no serious damage - thanks deke!

    :( .. if only i had done the same for Chile…

  • I really like his blog, but

    I really like his blog, but I would agree, I could use some videos because this is stuff that I’ve been getting into lately.  Thanks wink


    (Blogger at Get Your Ex Back Relationship Blog )

    Check out my last post: The Ex2 System Honest Review

  • ipad

    I thought you might like this one

  • cool… i’ll be the first in line to listen! =)

    and you’re probably never short on ideas/details for your show… but just in case you need some inspiration for what web goobs/designers/developers might want to hear, please feel free to reach out. (i’ve got 18 years worth in my head)


  • Another phenom Martini Hour… thank you, Colleen and Deke

    Martini Hours continue to keep me entertained and informed about the photoshop/photography/print world while I code.

    And not that y’all are soliciting requests, BUT:

    1) Would love some shows output on video (jealous of not being in Las Vegas when you broadcast from there)

    2) Need need more love for photoshop/web goobs like me. (batching, file naming automation, web output optimization - or maybe that’s too boring?)




  • Oh… you’ve given us ideas

    and we have plans for you, Dave.

  • honored and here to help ;^ )

    and btw… shaken, not stirred, please.

    sorry for the late reply.. for some reason your blogging software isn’t sending emails from the comments? (i’ll double check to make sure it’s not me)

    are y’all notified with email from the comments?

    i get the deke newsletters and dekeOnline Reminders… but nothing from the comments.


  • Blog posting software emails

    Sometimes you have to wait a while for the blog posting software to send the emails.

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