Martini Hour 071, In Which We Celebrate Summer with Illustrator-based Sno-cones and More More Mordy

Mordy’s visit last week to discuss Illustrator CS5 was so refreshing, that we decided to keep the Summer vibe going and invite him back again this week. And what does he bring? Vector-based sno-cones. Yes, it’s another great Illustrator show with Mordy and Deke diving deep into the summer and dynamic effects. And me ingenuously following along, thinking, one day soon, I’m going to learn to use Illustrator so I can put all this knowledge to use. If you feel the same, pull up a sno-cone, maybe toss a little adult beverage on top, and join us.

Martini Hour 071: Dynamic Effects in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s where our dynamic effects conversation takes us this week:

  • Listen as Deke and Mordy explain how to use dynamic effects to scale, rotate, and otherwise alter aspects of your drawing, and then repeat or update those steps to create Deke’s favorite thing, a spirograph drawing.
  • Listen as Deke explains how transformations allow you to create multiple drop shadows, as well as apply hundreds of other effects.
  • Listen as Mordy predictably orders a lemon sno-cone, but then awesomely works through how to draw effects around our the triple stacked sno-cone the three of us are sharing.
  • Listen as Deke and Mordy explain how you might want to turn something, like artwork, into a rectangle, thus allowing you to add a stroke around a piece of artwork. You can, then you can’t, but you can.
  • Listen as Deke almost calls Mordy “Illustrator” instead of “Mordy.” Easy mistake to make?
  • Learn this and other golden nuggets of Illustrator with these two cool vector-based cucumbers have to share.

How can you resist summer and Illustrator coming together in a dynamically effected triple-scoop sno-cone? Don’t miss the ongoing summer festival of Illustratorati. Here’s the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save. We’re whipping up the high-res version and will get it up here asap. Be sure to download that one, don’t stream. And don’t forget the usual suggestion to subscribe via iTunes.

And don’t miss Fridays with Mordy, our guest’s weekly webinar/chat show. Raising our icy lemony goodness to you Mordy!

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    Aaaarrrrgggghhh! No itunes podcast yet!

    It normally takes a day or so extra for the podcast to get propogated to the Australia/New Zealand servers for the itunes store, but this time it’s taking rather longer.

    I know I can get it as an mp3, but then I have to deal with the filing issues in itunes, and then when it does come I get duplciates…. not that 2 Dekes and 2 Colleens wouldn’t be most welcome, all be it a little disturbing.

    Anyway, love the show and I will get the mp3 becasue it’s dark here in the mornings and I walk to work through the rain and the sound of martini’s is the only thing that gets me through the day…..

  • Sorry 4 this post

    Sorry to post here, but I cannot find where to ask this question.
    I am having a problem loading the .mxp extension that comes with the one on one in CS4.  I am running vista home premium.  I have tried everything. (will go into further explanation in the right venue) can someone tell me where to post this and how to get help.  PLEASE!!


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