Martini Hour 097, In Which We Hype That Thing That Just Happened Two Days Ago

So dekeGeeks (new collective noun courtesy of dekeOnline member Dave Naves), you’ve heard about Deke’s new series for, Deke’s Techniques—or “dekesTeknekes” as the kids are calling it (courtesy of dekeOnline member Elizabeth Gower). As you’ve seen with this week’s installment these are ten minute (time limit courtesy of VP of Content Michael Ninness) techniques in which you learn something in a self-contained video that you can put to use as soon as you’re done watching Deke in motion.

For instance, note how I mention during this show I want to learn, say… how to set type on fire. So what does Deke do? He figures out how to do it relatively reproduce-ably using quick tools that make it happen in under the aforementioned ten minutes. Then you can go off and use it in your own projects, like the marquee for your martini-quaffing podcast. (No, I did not make this graphic; Deke has to do something around here besides sip gin.) And it’s so wicked cool, you can click on it to see a high-res version, perhaps a first for Martini Hour graphics.

Martini Hour 097: Deke's Techniques Goes Live

Doesn’t that just toast your marshmallows? (And if you need to cool your aforementioned marshmallows off, check out this week’s preview episode, Ice Type.) During the course of the show we discuss some of the other techniques Deke will be covering in the next few weeks:

There’s a lot of type up front; Deke will be turning ordinary words into ice, burnt (um) flesh-like substance, gold, metal, and fire. And then, he’ll be turning his attention to faces and putting those into interesting places no face has ever been seen before. And other things that can only come from Deke’s fertile imagination and unassailable technical skills. There will be free videos every week, but you can also sign up for a free week at and access not only Deke’s Techniques but every other bit of goodness in the Online Training Library.

So you see, Martini Hour will not be sacrificed in vain. We’re just making sure you get a chance to actually learn something instead of hanging out in a virtual bar talking about learning something. And of course, the dekeLounge will go on, remaining open should we get lonely and need to schedule an emergency Very Special Martini Hour Reunion.

Oh, and if you have ideas for things you’d like Deke to decode in Deke’s Techniques, post them here in the comments. If Deke uses your idea (and you live in the US, sorry), we’ll send you a commemorative Martini Hour stainless steel “glass.” And listen to the show to hear another opportunity for major dekeSwag. That’s all I’m going to say. Listen to the show for your chance to win a fabulous prize.

Catch them while they’re hot, MartiniHourlings. Four more to go! Here’s the regular-quality audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save. Here’s the high-res version; you’ll want to download rather than stream. And don’t forget our usual plea to subscribe via iTunes.

Cheers until next week!

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  • Bridge/PhotoShop CS5 vs. Lightroom-3

    Hi Deke,
    I know you don’t call yourself a photographer but I would like you to put that hat on for a moment and give us your thoughts on workflow with regards to Bridge/PhotoShop CS5 vs. Lightroom-3. I have used Bridge and PhotoShop for some years now and only recently bought Lightroom-3. Yes its glossy and it does some things very elegantly indeed. There is none of the cross platform legacy detritus littering Photshop but Lightroom does ‘almost’ nothing I couldn’t do before and frankly I find it just gets in my way most of the time.
    Am I alone? Am I stuck in my ways? Should I have migrated the other way from Lightroom to Bridge and Photoshop? Is less really more?
    Your comments please.
    Bob… in the UK… so no Martini Hour Glass for me, I guess.

  • Sherlock Holmes Movie Credits Graphics

    Hey Deke,

    I got a kick out of the graphics for the end credits of the Sherlock Holmes movie.  I did some digging and found how they were done.  However, I’d like to see your take on how we could recreate them using Photoshop/Illustrator.

    Many thanks for all that you do.


  • For Glory!

    I’ve now listened to the Martini hour of course, or else I wouldn’t be writing this, and I watched the whole Pirate flag series, very entertaining.

    The Skeletor looking Jolly Rodger (almost) Is called Little D…..

    Now I didn’t answer in full as I don’t wanna ruin your quiz. I live in Denmark So all I can hope for is the Glory.

    Love your teaching style Deke and you’ve inspired me so much so I’ve change my Education so I’m now on my way to being a graphics Designer.

    Thank you for a Great Martini Hour Show. I’ve heard em all, some more than once. And have a great last four shows.


  • Little Duffer

    Not sure what that pirate had to do with golf, but you named him Little Duffer nonetheless.  I’ll be sad to see Martini Hour go, but always look forward to your next big thing.

  • maybe its his hooking and

    maybe its his hooking and slicing through the neverending waterhazards in his hunt for birdie, that inspired the name

  • Viewing Multiple Layer Comps in Multiple Windows.

    Hey Deke,

    I need your Help, I’ve been trying to figure a way to view different versions of my Work-In-Progress in different windows on my Monitors. I managed to do this in Illustrator pretty easily, but in Photoshop All windows change the same way when i Hide a Layer. So, is there a Work-around?

    And btw, Good Luck with the new enterprise smile

    Thanks in Advance. smile

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