Martini Mashup Contest Winner Mania!

Citizens of dekeOpolis, the results are in, the winner of the Martini Mashup Grand Prize is…well, we have a tie. Deke and I managed to narrow down our faves to two: Gale Franey’s “Something’s Fishy” and Steve Newton’s “Bar Folies Créateur.” Try as we might, we couldn’t make the call between Gale’s modern fantasy, replete with impeccable bubbles, and Steve’s clever simultaneous homage to both Manet and my grad-school stint as bar mistress (not to metion his amazingly accurate imagining of the back of my head). Both will recieve a One-on-One book of their choice from O’Reilly and a free month of training from

We only had one set of “other” prizes in the grand prize goodie bag, so we declare Gale the winner of the tie-breaker by virtue of her being on the same continent as we are. We love our Wide World of Deke (represented recently with the birthday wishes you sweet folk sent to Deke in a gazillion different languages), but frankly, times are tough and shipping is cheaper to Canada! Here are all the prizes laid out on a chair in my living room, ready for their trip to the great white north. The list now includes a sock-like Adobe cover for your small electronic of choice and my burlap Adobe sac from SXSW to hold everything!

And a big thanks, and prize, to everyone who decided to play along. In fact, everyone who entered will recieve a serial number for a free week subscription to!

(By the way, honorable mention goes to Matti Alhoniemi for making me look that good without any effort on my part.)

If you’d like to see the gallery, check out our Flickr group. I’ll send email info on how to redeem your free week to everyone who entered. And by the way people, learn from your grand prize winner. She knows more than how to create a great image and live on a convenient continent: Gale was the only one with creator info listed in the metadata of her image! You work too hard, don’t orphan your creative progeny! Photoshop CS4 no longer strips that stuff out when you Save for Web, so no excuses. (I added all the creator tags for you this time before posting them to Flickr.)

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  • Congrats to our winners!

    Which is everyone, really. In all, we’ll be giving out several months worth of free training. Generous bunch, Lynda & Co.

    Gee wiz, gang, what other contest provides you a chance to hone your skills, trade ideas, participate in the community, and get a prize just for being a good sport? (Not to mention, exhibit monk-like patience while C & I take forever to announce the results.) My heartfelt thanks to you all.

    (Oh, btw, that’s one week per person, not entry. wink

  • Congratulations

    Gale’s work is fantastic; I had a pleasure of checking her website out, and let me tell you; she is a talent to behold

    As promised, here is my fully layered entry (CS4 only - feathered vector masks). Sorry for not providing an explanation on how it’s done, but I’ll let the curious ones pick that apart.




    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  • contest

    I do appreciate you posting my entry even though I miss read the deadline..Not very good at this but have a lot of fun learning .CS3 for me just got it a couple of months ago ..I do and just bought Deke’s CS3 one on one book..Anyway thanks again enjoy reading all..

  • Yipeeeeeee !! :-)

    Wow, this is wonderful !!  I’m thrilled ! 

    My address is:

    Gale Franey
    Apt 207 - 520 Nanaimo Street North
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    V5L 3H2


    Will both you & Deke by autographing my copy of the book?  grin  That would make it even more special. 

    If I have a choice of book title, maybe I should choose CS4 Indesign One On One.  I’ve been meaning to learn inDesign and so far only have had an overview, haven’t delved into the meat yet.

  • must up my game…

    congratulations to the winners - well deserved. I definitely let myself down by not giving my piece a quirky title (as well as lack of costumes).

    I know for future… good fun anyway. Only just got CS4 so good exercise to sharpen up a bit.



  • Way to go Gale!

    Great entry, well deserved win.  Congrats to Steve as well!

  • Congratulations, Gale and Steve!

    They were my favourite entries too, and I’m thrilled you guys cleaned up in the awards. Beautiful, beautiful work.

    I checked out your website, too, Gale. You are a major talent. grin

  • I tried

    Like dad always said “If you can’t dazzel ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with B.S”... so I thought I might as well pile it high… lol

  • Hey Gale

    I sent you an email, but neither my wife nor I got the reply (regarding potentially selling some of your artwork). Did you receive it?




    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  • Hello iVan

    I received your email and am very interested.  I will phone your wife for details within the next few days.  I was scrambling with deadlines on a few projects ... but I thought that I had replied ... oops! 

    I’m also in the middle of a revamp of my website, this time a hybrid of html and flash, more html pages because Flash is still not great for search engine optimization, although I had heard Adobe was taking steps to improve this.  I was redoing the graphics and trying to integrate them with Flash ... and my Flash skills are very basic, most of the AS3 goes right over my head ... so I can struggle for hours, even days on the simplest script, ie: to load my XML image gallery and then add Prev and Next buttons that goes from image to loaded image ... so to make a long story longer ... that must have been what I was doing when I thought I had clicked Send to reply to the email.

    Thanks so much for your kind comments about my digital art. 

    Look forward to talking to both of you,

    Gale grin

  • Nice stuff guys well done!

    Really liked Steves Barbarella-esq take on Colleen - hawt!
    If I was Deke I’d go home and get rid of all the superglue - ya c the news?, Esp considering the nudey source pics of him - lolwut?!

    Sorry I missed out, busy, really like that t-shirt :-(

  • Congratulations

    Congratulation to winners.

    Where i can get this adobe bag. It looks excellent.

    However i could make one smile

  • It’s an artifact from my glamorous tradeshow life

    SXSW, I think.

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