My Favorite New(?) Language, Shilgne

Was sitting around with my boys, aged 10 and 11. And we were having one of our usual elaborately fantastic conversations. (A new favorite: Is Origami Yoda real or just a figment of Dwight’s imagination?)

Today’s conversation went in the other direction, namely backward. Which is how we came up with a potentially new way to communicate, Shilgne. Which looks a little something like this:

Introducing the backward language of Shilgne

The idea is this: Shilgne (pronounced shill-gu-nee) is English in reverse. But not entirely, because that’d be stupid. Sh, st, th, ch, ck, ph, and many other consonant plurals that result in a single consonant sound stay in place. Same with the combined vowels, altho they’re a bit harder to track. Does ou become uo or remain the same? (I worked this out with children. Try to keep up!) A silent e becomes an up-front phonetic eh. Keep the plurals, and perhaps the possessives, at the end. Take out the natural apostrophes, because they’re a estaw fo ecaps. But add new ones where necessary (as well as hyphens, if it helps). By which I mean, generally simplify things because u’oy wonk tath sith si a wen eguag-nal, d’na sti l’la ruo n’wo. In other words, it’s an ensemble piece.

I’m not entirely clear how you pronounce some words. For example, our common you becomes u’oy. But how to say it? Is it you-yoi or oo-oi? And what to do with an initial w? Our equally common who could be ohw or owh. Either way, how to vocalize? Esealp pleh su, Etep D’nesh-n’wot!

The more I investigate this language, the more it resembles Welsh.

Still, I am thinking of recording my videos in Shilgne. Only a select few will understand.

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  • Shilgne!!!

    I think a Photoshop edition in Shilgne language is in order! In fact, all of Adobe CS software should be available in shilgne. Adobe can’t keep ignoring us!!! We also need shilgne optimized keyboards, with Wsodniw, Llrtc, Tla and Rnuter keys!!

    (Since this is my first comment here, just let me take the opportunity to congratulate you for your amazing skills as PS expert and instructor over the years)

  • If you really want to

    If you really want to confuse people, use Ipgay Italnay. Or would that be Ipyag Italyan?

  • Shilgne tutorials would rule!

    As long as there is a video to go with it. wink

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