My In-Depth and Revamped Video Series, “Photoshop CS6 One-on-One,” Begins

As of the posting of this article, you have 24 hours left to download the free public beta of Photoshop CS6. So if you haven’t installed it yet, drop everything you’re doing and start downloading!

To acquaint yourself with the new features, check out my free Photoshop CS6 Beta Preview course at

And if you’re ready for the deep dive, check out Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals, the first in what will be a four-course video series on every single aspect of Photoshop CS6, presented in the order you need to learn it. This and other of my courses will appear every four to six weeks on

For those of you who’ve seen my videos in the past, I’ve made a few changes:

  • I’ve reorganized the material into four parts instead of three. In addition to Fundamentals, there will be Intermediate, Advanced, and Mastery. The idea is to make the learning path as clear as possible, and divide the material into easy-to-digest chunks.
  • I begin at a more deliberate pace, so don’t think I save time by talking faster! My hope is that new users will need to pause less frequently, while experienced folks can quickly locate the information they need. As I progress, I elevate the pace a bit, so that we all enjoy the journey into the final chapters.
  • I make the most of the live-action introductions. In each introductory video, I set the stage by both explaining and showing the core concepts, with the help of illustrator Paul Roper. (See the live-action course intro above.) My hope is that you’ll leave each movie both illuminated and inspired.
  • I’ve streamlined the course from 17 hours and 33 minutes to just 6 hours and 39 minutes. My intention is to teach you an equivalent amount of information in far less time. (I’ve shifted the outline and content, so don’t expect the info to be exactly the same as it was last time around.)

To give you an idea of just how much shorter this course is, check out the graph below, which compares the duration of the One-on-One: Fundamentals course for every version of Photoshop since I joined Each horizontal line represents an hour. That blue haze represents the zone during which a comprehensive video course transitions from being perceived as fun (below the haze) to ponderous (above). Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals falls well within the fun zone.

Photoshop One-on-One: Fundamentals duration graph, fron CS3 to CS6

The result is what I hope will prove a more efficient learning experience by one and all. Whether you agree or don’t, please let me know what you think.

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  • The New CS6 Photoshop Series

    Geez, Deke, I started listening to the new series a few days ago and the first thing that struck me was how you’ve changed your vocal presentation in recent videos. You sound so downbeat from what you normally do in your other presentations, it honestly became difficult for me to listen. I mean that, not nastily, but it’s like it’s a different person presenting the course. I kept wondering to myself, “Will he be his ol’ Deke self again in the next video?” and you weren’t. It’s the new release of Photoshop, right? The number “6” is an unlucky number for you, right?

    I was happy to see/hear you upbeat and smiling in the last few Techniques, though. I guess it’s safe to say your presentation has become your trademark; it overshadows the subject matter at times—and that’s good! The recent break in your style has given me cause to mourn.

    Also, I noticed three or two errata in the videos. Do you care to know of them? It’ll probably take me hours to locate them again….


    “Thanks again, for another day full of something that I

    just can’t put my finger on.”—Kim Knoche

  • Yeah, what happened

    I agree with Jude, Deke. It sounds like you’re really sad or something bad happened to you… what’s going on? You sounded like this in the beta preview as well. Makes me fall asleep :P

    I still love your courses though.

  • Don’t get discouraged

    You are still the BEST (Photoshop) teacher out there!
    Although I’ll admit it, you do sound a bit less animated.
    In the Deke’s Techniques videos, however, you sound great!
    So maybe you are doing this deliberately for the more serious courses?
    If so, I (and apparently others) prefer the more animated, excited you.

  • Big difference in presentation

    I must agree with the other posts about the presentation / feel of the new series.
    Who is this Deke McQuaalude?

    Just hope everything is good with you!

  • Deke Go To Your PREFERENCE

    Deke Go To Your PREFERENCE and SET Presentation Style To

    “USE LEGACY”!!

  • Give the guy a break

    Geez Louise, I know we all have come to pretty much worship His Dekeness but he’s a man after all and as such he gets sick form time to time. Give him a break.

  • Well, actually, that is the way I talk in real life

    It’s all blahblah this and hemmahemma that.

    If it’s any consolation, I have long recovered from the extended bronchitis that caused me to speak that way. I am now zooming thru my Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals course in the more energetic style to which many of you have become accustomed.

    But here’s the thing: Once the bronchitis caught me, I couldn’t just bizarrely surge forward in the later movies—-FWIW, I recovered at Chapter 4, “Using Layers”—-for fear of confusing the newbies. The newbies do NOT want a sudden burst of energy. They do not like change! (And, seemingly, neither do you people.)

    Meanwhile, have none of you heard of the word chill? I was chill!

    But seriously, that Photoshop CS6 me, that is how I roll in normal life. I speak soft and low and carry a big marquee. With which I will uproot your town and paint it red if I have a mind to.

  • Jude, I totally want to know the erratas

    Sock ‘em to me.

  • Thank you!

    It’s nice that someone recognizes me as a human being with occasional frailties.

    Of course, obviously, I’m from another planet. (The planet is called deketonite, and its atmosphere is deadly to chest hair which is why I left.) But we have diseases there too and, I guess, while visiting my oddball greenish-gilled cousins, what with their crazy feelers ‘n’ shit, I caught a microscopic bug. Probably yet another a relative. We have so many.

  • Thanks, friend

    Don’t worry, the animated Deke will be back in Illustrator CS6 One-on-One:Fundamentals, hopefully due out this very month.

    And thanks for the nice words. (You others could learn a thing or two from yerachmiel! He said nice things. He didn’t make me cry.)

  • Errata

    What is your preferred way of submitting errata for courses on Lynda? I haven’t seen anything on Lynda, but maybe it’s there and I haven’t found it.

    In Chapter 4, “Adding, scaling…” you refer to the Transform command having a single Undo, and mention Ctrl+T or Command+T one time to get that undo. It’s at 2:25 into the video. It should be Ctrl+Z and I assume Command+Z—though I did try the Ctrl+T thinking maybe Adobe changed it… :-)

  • Good news

    Hahaha! Yeah, it would be jarring to hear you go from Steven Wright to Sam Kinison instantaneously!

    Glad your feeling better.

  • CS6 One-on-one DVD

    so when are the good old boys at, going to release Deke’s Photoshop CS6 one-on-one, on a DVD format ?  I’m all ears, I’m eager to learn CS6 and my charge card is waiting, but only for this format!

  • :) i dont know if i’m sad or i’m happy


    since adobe cs3 i watch every video you make i’m not lying thanks for the god then you . i reach for what i am today you one of my idol ,, hero ,, any thing you want to call your self . since i was a kid with a dream of being graphic man .. and now i’am a lecturer in that field .. for that i say thank you

    when i heard your voice . i scared of the thought of losing you and i was sad in that moment . but then i tolled my self at lest he make the video and he collect all his power to make video for us .. and we all should be supporting you . and we all there for you because you our hero and you always there for us

    you made adobe part of our life and now i’m happy not because adobe released CS6 but because deke released now series

    get well soon . we all support you

    thank you

  • Uh, no, my gaff

    Yes, you’re absolutely right. It’s Ctrl+Z and Cmd-Z.

    I’ll have to make a correction to that one. Thx, btw!

    Incidentally, my preferred method of submission for erratas is anything you can make work. This one did, so nice job.

  • \“New\” Deke


    So glad to hear that you will be retiring the “Meek Deke” presentation style in upcoming Lynda series. I am quite sure that I speak for others–who have been with you for a long time–in appreciation for your “3-cups of black espresso” style that always seems to set a serious tone. A tone that challenges us to “keep up” and often serves to accelerate the learning process.

    And when we, almost inevitably, fail to keep up and miss a step or don’t comprehend a point, it’s terrific to hit the rewind and “make” you explain it all again. Then we listen and watch, often a bit chagrined, as we grasp the missed teaching point.

    There are others in the Lynda stable, like Jan Kabili on PS and Mordy Golding on AI, who are terrific instructors with “softer” teaching/presentation styles. With them we often feel guided/pulled along, which can be very reassuring. But, that’s not what we’ve come to expect from you, Deke. With your, “let’s roll,” approach, yes we are guided but we are pushed (rather than pulled) along the path of our own learning.

    Bottom Line: Warm up the espresso pot before you turn on those recording cameras at the Lynda studio and continue to give us your best shot; we need a jolt too.

    Best regards,


  • I have been learning many PS

    I have been learning many PS and IL techniques through your videos on since 2006/7 or thereabouts, and I too was surprised to hear the change in your presentation voice. I am glad to learn that that whatever ailed you is in your past.

    While it was your upbeat, energetic speaking that helped propel my PS skills to what they are today, I feel that it’s important to consider the needs of others when making those videos… not everyone speaks (and listens to) English as a first language, and a lot of non-native English speakers need and want to learn the products you teach.

    Speaking energetically and fast may be what appeals to many USA’ers, but the term “global economy” is much more applicable nowadays, and being accessible—being understandable—to others is very important.

  • New DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WELL what are you waiting for get em out already i need some teaching and you my man are THE MAN for everything Photoshop and Illustrator, and i will be buying all the One-on-One disc.

  • Half way through and I think the course is great!

    Hi Deke,

    I had initially voted for a CS6 One on One book,but after going through the first seven chapters (and I mean listening,rewinding,taking notes,practicing) of your CS6 course, I have a much better appreciation of your show and tell methods.

    I don’t know much about your past speaking voice,but in your videos your voice comes across as straightforward and personal as in “I care that you learn”. I’m not sure I’d want anyone sounding like a car salesman or a kids TV show host.

    1-7 minute videos is somehow better pacing. I’m in no rush and three in one sitting works well for me. I don’t just watch once and move on. I review,take notes and try it myself. I guess that’s why there’s the word “earn” in “Learn”.

    I have benefited the most by placing my own experiences and opinions aside and listening,even on subjects as simple as the first chapter on Opening files.

    I like being able to see what’s going on and having screen displays of the dialog boxes tells me what should be set and what should be left alone.

    I see that you interleave complex and simple lessons,keeping the part about Saving in between the Layers and Cropping courses. That gives the student a useful “breather”.

    While many users are most likely familiar with luminosity, or pixels…I am very glad you recap these basics and how they are used in Photoshop.  You against a white background and graphics to explain the lesson goes very far in understanding where the lesson is going and better understanding the tools,adjustments,and commands involved.

    Also,going outside Photoshop for solutions such as Perfect Resize in up-sampling. A good teacher is honest when he or she feels another product is more useful in a certain area and recommends it.

    If there are any downsides or flaws in your videos,I’m gaining too much to even notice.

    I do have your CS4 One on One book and one place I found it useful was your setup of the Bridge and especially the Metadata settings. For some reason though reading burns me out especially if my background is not good. That’s why I’ll stay on the videos until I’m finished,I can wait for the book.


  • Photoshop CS6 One on One on


    I just finished your new course on and I LOVED IT. I think its the first course I have finished from start to finish on Lynda or Kelby. Not that I dont like some of the others but some of them simply require way to much time. I think this condensed and improved video series was just enough. I was able to take it one or two sections at a time and finish it in two days. I am going to be starting the illustrator one next and then looking forward to the rest of the photoshop videos. Thank you.

    Juan Benito

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