NAPP Archive Video Reveals Possible First Documented Sighting of Fake_Deke circa 2006

Some of you are aware of a character who appeared on Twitter recently, that evil twin of our beloved leader, Fake_Deke. Where did this charming if evil rogue come from? No one knows. But this video reveals it might have made his first public appearance a few years back at Photoshop World, during this CSI-themed keynote. At the time, everyone just assumed it was one of Kelby and company’s clever videos, with the real Deke giving an Oscar-worthy performance in which he pretended to be evil enough to kill Bert Monroy. Of course, we should have known. How could our sweet, compassionate Deke have been so convincing as an evil doer? I’m now convinced that rather than seeing a nuanced performance by our fearless leader, what we actually saw was the first public appearance of his nefarious doppleganger. Give this video a view and decide for yourself. And thanks to NAPP archivists for shedding light on this mystery.

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  • I am shocked and appalled

    that the Photoshop Guys would try to fit Deke up like this. It’s my guess that, under the guise of Creative Suite investigators, they extracted a confession from Deke under duress. All those Pattern Maker interrogation techniques would break even the coolest of hot men.

    I nearly wept watching this documentary, knowing that the truth had been masked, and an evil channel had taken over (no doubt spurred on by polite Canadian interests). AdobePol need to reopen this case and take another look at those laptops - and maybe a close look at those CSI guys too, ‘cos somethings buggy (check the Canadian first!).

    Also, I’m sure I saw Fake_Deke at the hot springs today. He was with Bert Monroy, and His hair was perfect.


  • video

    Wish I could have been there to see it live….love the video.  I’m with Petra, why would Deke kill Burt with a Mac?  If he really wanted to stop the Monroy Madness, all he has to do his cut off his magic ponytail.
    Deke should do a song for the Boston Photoshop World…only a few weeks away!...and put the Photoshop boys in their place.

    Keep it coming, Deke and Colleen.

  • Real (or fake) Deke…infiltrating Lynda videos???...

    Recently, while ‘paroosing’ some of the newer CS4 videos on Adobe TV, I watched one particular episode where I actually kept re-adjusting the video quality-speed-etc. because it sounded like the ‘Deke-voice-over (D.V.O)’ was inadvertently letting out random ‘quiet burps’ (like the ‘after over-eating at a chinese/mexican buffet followed by a few domestic long-necks).

    Therefore, after some thought…I’m pretty certain (so much so that I’d go to Vegas and bet it all) that it was the ‘real Deke’...

    The only doubt I might have is when one on the V.O. ‘interruptions’ sounded as though it was composed of not only a burp, but a combination of a simultaneous burp, fart, sneeze & cough…which would require a great deal of talent and practice…(especially while working with complex vector) who ‘really knows?’...

  • To fully appreciate this video

    You have to have witnessed the follow ups at Midnight Madness.

    The first time (they always do these themes twice, one East one West), I was escorted in by a fake police officer who then, by way of a practical joke, proceeded to strip for me in front of the audience. Ha ha! They only let him take off his shirt and there was much disappointment from the women in the first row.

    Next time around, Colleen came with me to witness the antics. Some fake officer escorted me in. (I think a woman. Memory’s cloudy. You’ll understand why in a moment.) After I was seated and cuffed in front of the audience, the officer was switched for Kevin Ames and Ben Willmore, dressed as cops in shorts, who then proceeded to do some vaguely exotic and highly disturbing dance. Ha ha! The piece de resistance was when Kevin took the key to my handcuffs and dropped it down Colleen’s blouse.

    Colleen expression was not one of amusement. But it was the funniest part.

  • Fake_Deke Spreads Lies Once Again

    Fake_Deke, contrary to your inaccurate recounting of that long-ago Midnight Madness, Kevin Ames gestured as though he thought it would be a clever idea drop the keys to your handcuffs down my shirt, but the DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT look that I gave him convinced him quite effectively to change his mind on the spot. Figures you’d like to make a story more salacious, you scurvy parrot.

  • Who is that ringer?

    Keys, blouses, implied clevage, and scurvy parrot’s all rock!  I feel another Martini Hour entry coming on…. hehehe

    Ya’ll are funny, I love it!

  • Now I’m really confused

    It’s like I’m in a round room and a dozen Deke’s and Fake_Deke’s have told me to go sit in the corner…

    Thank goodness Colleen is real! (...she is, right?)


  • Colleen? Real?

    No. Meant to mention this a while back, but no, Colleen is not real.

    In fact, nothing about is real. This site was discontinued in 1895, right after the Great Silverton Internet Rush fizzled out.

    Then in 1956, President Dwight “Fonzie” Theodore declared an American Heritage Ghost Site.

    Which is when the Ben Franklin Mint came out with its now infamous line of Commemorative dekeClones. One of which became accidentally evil. Which is me.

  • It’s not round, fake_deke is using Liquify on ya… lol

    This post is f-f-f-f… I’ll resist my urge to alliterate ;-) ... fabulous!

    Lovin’ it!

  • Please say it ain’t so :-(

    Colleen IS real. She has to be. I’ve seen her super sidekick outfits, and if they’re not real, then nothing is.

    Oh, fake_deke, I know you’re evil, but was Liquify really necessary? I’m just a poor guileless antipodean gal with little experience of such trickeries. Thank goodness aztech was here to explain that cruel manipulation, or I’d still be dizzying myself in a room I wished were padded and square. (Thanks, aztech)

    By the way, just how many of these Deke clones are still in existence? If there are any spare, perhaps you could send half a dozen or so to NZ, just for fun? :-p


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