Photoshop Top 40, Feature #28: Hue/Saturation

Were I inclined to be purely objective, I would tell you that the ages-old Hue/Saturation command is growing somewhat long in the tooth. For example, if your primary purpose is to increase the saturation of an image, you’re better off exploiting the Vibrance command or the Lab mode.

Even so, Hue/Saturation continues to do something that no other feature does: It lets you edit one range of colors independently of all others—without defining a selection or mask—all from inside a single dialog box or palette. And it does this so very easily and so very credibly, that you can get in and out of an image without anyone being the wiser.

The upshot: I can take this photo of a woman holding a mirror-image hue wheel (from T. Tulic of microstock image vendor Fotolia):

And warm up nothing but her chartreuse sweater and the green highlights in her hair, as demonstrated below:

Between you and me, I did add an itsy-bitsy layer mask. But what’s a little masking between friends? And besides, just look at those edges—they’re impeccable!

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  • Simple…. effective… Deke!

    I’m running out of praise here man….  a simple, highly effective technique.  Ugly…. ugly mask….but it works!!!


  • Simple…. effective… Deke!

    I’m running out of praise here man….  a simple, highly effective technique.  Ugly…. ugly mask….but it works!!!


  • Above and Beyond

    A huge thanks for your efforts on the Top 40 !!!

  • Deke, you are an

    Deke, you are an inspiration.

    ‘save it as a droooooooooooooplet, go ahead and droooooooop it’....doesn’t get any better than that!!

  • Seminar

    When, or do you plan a seminar in Nashville, TN. Would love to attend. You Rock. Collleen is really great too and much better looking.


  • I’m having such a great day around here.

    Somehow the citizens of dekeVille must sense I need that extra boost to get me through the end of this book!

  • If you know stuff

    If you know stuff then you just add a small amount more to it and thats awsome

  • Nice tips, great tutorial

    I liked that, thank you

  • I think you’re confusing our pictures

    I’m the one with the long brunette hair and the sexy voice, Colleen is the one with the goatee and the caustic attitude.

    Thank god she knows a thing or two about Photoshop or there’d be no putting up with her.

  • Color blend mode layer over B&W layer

    If you take an image and copy it to a new layer, you can slip a B&W adjustment layer between the two, set the uppermost layer to the color blend mode, and use the finger interactively on the B&W sliders while seeing the color composite.

  • Hue/Saturation

    thank a lot for sharing. this post is really great!

  • it’s works..thanks deke.

    it’s works..thanks deke. nice to know u’r site. i will bookmark this..

    best regards

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