Russell Brown’s Adobe Master Class (ADIM) Returns to Boulder, and Deke returns to ADIM

Fans of Deke. Fans of Boulder. Fans of Russell Brown. Fans of something akin to "art camp" for Adobe-weilding grown ups. ADIM (a madcap themed masterclass hosted by Russell) is returning to our beautiful Boulder again this year. You should come. 

This years theme is "Japan by Design" and the project (which attendees get to work on over the course of three days holed up in the beautiful St. Julien Hotel in Boulder) is a wood and rice paper lantern. Here’s one example:

Deke will be specifically doing sessions on Illustrator and Photoshop, designed to give participants advice on how to get their ideas onto the rice paper panels of this lantern project. Because ADIM traditionally involves full participation (from donning costumes, to performing songs, to actually making something) I have written haikus to describe Deke’s sessions: 

Your very fine fish
Requires most succulent sauce
Master Deke supplies


Though paper is soft
The warrior must be sharp
Deke hones your weapon

"What the hell do those mean, Colleen?" Well, find out by reading the real descriptions at the ADIM website.

Or extrapolate from this example of a "chop" or Chinese seal that Deke made at Russell’s request. 

Deke creates a "chop" style seal in Illustrator and Photoshop

(Note: If you can’t make it to Boulder,  your consolation prize is that this project will be featured in an upcoming Deke’s Techniques episode, or four.)

But you should come! Hang out with us. Hang out with the luminaries that Russell has put together to educate and entertain you. It’s the most informative fun you can ever convince your boss, spouse, partner, or children is officially a "work conference." Hope to see you there (here!). 

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