Something New This Way Comes

Hey gang! I (Deke) am here to announce two things:

First, I never did get around to posting the very first dekePod pilot, “It’s Your Money, Scan It!” in which a chubbier version of me explains how to capture and edit money (as sponsored by the good people at iStockphoto). Not because the technique is illegal (check out or that it features the Bushes emerging from the bushes (they used to do that). But because the video is out-of-date and low-res. Even so, it’s an entertaining episode. And in Photoshops CS3 and CS4, you can reproduce the technique by opening your money in Camera Raw instead of ImageReady.

Second, as you may recall, dekePod recently suffered an untimely death. But the concept isn’t so much deceased as undead. And on Tuesday of next week (mark your calendars for July 14, Bastille Day!), dekePod claws its way out of its gone-too-soon grave and emerges as an entirely new creature. One filled with AM vim and teeny-bopper vigor. It’s as if dekePod has been squeaky-cleaned by an issue of Tiger Beat magazine.

Keep your eyes glued to this spot. In just a few days, it’s going to get exciting.

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  • Aww yes, scanning money ;) I

    Aww yes, scanning money wink I remember the good days with that.
    Unfortunately newer scanners have that block already incorporated in their drivers,
    so it’s a little harder to circumvent the “protection”.
    My Canon ScanLide 200 for instance just stops scanning as soon as it “sees” OMG MONEY WHAAAA ...
    and stops with the lamest error message EVER:
    “It seems your image isn’t lined up properly.” I mean ... Hell-O? Why not just saying it like it is ...

    “You’re about to scan money, which we don’t like very much.”

    But yeah ... so unless there’s a “free” driver, things get even more complicated.




    “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

    - Douglas Adams

  • This is interesting!

    I was able to scan a $20 a while back, but Photoshop gave me the “you better watch it” warning. The rules for use said imaging money was OK if it was going to be modified, among other edits, so as not to be passable as currency. I definitely wanted to mess with the image so it would not be seen as currency, but I could not get passed the warning dialog! It kept reappearing no matter what I did to modify my image. I couldn’t print, etc. The warning kept sending me to


  • So but you know the workaround, yes?

    If you right-click on the file in the Bridge and open it in Camera Raw, you can get it into Photoshop CS3 and CS4. (I think someone on the site came up with that one, possibly flyboy.)

    Then I believe it’s just a matter of getting the money on an independent layer. Last I checked (let me know if I’m wrong), Photoshop’s currency detection scheme doesn’t check layers, just the flattened “Background” image.

  • Can’t get anything to print

    I have scanned a $10 bill for a client, but I can’t get any of the work-arounds to let me print from InDesign (I’m using CS3). Are there better instructions out there? Does anyone here know how to make it work?


  • What does InDesign do?

    When you try to print a $10 bill?

    I haven’t run into this problem, so I’m curious.

    Photoshop stops complaining about money once you place it on an independent layer. Could help to layer money in Photoshop, save as PSD file, and then place that into InDesign.

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