Steve Job [sic] is Dead

This has been a bitter-sweet week for all of us.

Steve Jobs flame logo

What’s interesting about this passing is: he wasn’t a political leader, he wasn’t a cultural leader, he wasn’t a spiritual leader, and he wasn’t a pop star. He was a thought leader. And an unmitigated capitalist.

Which is pretty great actually. For once, the world mourns a nerd. An innovator, an inventor, a predictor, and a gadget-maker.

If he had died 1 years ago, he would have been a blurb at the end of a news day. Yes, there are many of us who dearly love the Mac. (As I’m fond of saying, this Mick wouldn’t have a job if Jobs hadn’t created the Mac.) But we Mac enthusiasts are in the minority.  His best innovations happened late in life. iPod, iPhone, iPad. And they kicked off the 21st Century.

The day of his passing, I had my head buried in work. It wasn’t until I was driving home in the wee hours of the morning that I listened to this message from my eldest son, who just turned 11:

Click here to listen. (If necessary, right-click to download.)

My son sent this message from his Jobs invention to mine. One iPhone to another. News of a man’s end communicated via his life’s work.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all celebrated in such a way. And yet, somehow, I believe we are.

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  • Damaged CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One disk

    Is there a way to get a replacement DVD for the Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks book?  My disk got broken.

  • What?

    A fairly touching piece about Steve Jobs and how he, and all of us, can live on long after we’re gone… and the first comment is about a broken DVD?

    Deke, I’m not an Apple fan but that was very touching and in fact one of the better “Steve” blog posts I’ve seen over the last few days.

  • Hmmm.. \“Mick\” might not be….

    ....the nicest way to refer to the Irish community, Deke.

  • Deke, Very interesting to

    Very interesting to hear your son phoning you to give you the message.
    My daugher’s texted me iphone <> iphone.
    Just goes to show his impact across generations, and the “need” to convey the message

    Nice post Deke!

  • One die million weeps, Million died no one weeps

    First of all, let me say that I’m a big fan of achievement, and Steve Jobs was one big achiever, but I’m wondering about the funny fact that I experienced in the past few days when millions of people across the world sorrowed only one man, just because he invented an iPod or an iPhone.

    At least he died rich, I mean he didn’t starve to death like hundreds of people in Somalia or Sudan. And still to this moment tens of people dies per day from hunger!!

    Can you imagine that? from HUNGER !!

    And I bet a lot of those people would accomplish a lot in their lives just like Steve Jobs, but of-course they have to eat first so that they can live!!

    So IT IS SUCH A FUNNY FACT, don’t you think?

  • Steve Jobs

    Deke’s comments on Steve’s death reminded me of a cartoon run in our paper showing Jobs waiting at the pearly gates and St Peter using his iPad says,“Just a moment while I pull up your information.”

  • Well, inasmuch as I sympathize

    I think it misses the point a little.

    Whether you think Jobs deserved last week’s general obsession with his life and death is ultimately irrelevant because it doesn’t do him any good. In fact, I’m of the opinion he’s altogether unaware of it. The dude’s dead.

    Like any funeral, it’s intended for the living.

    As for those poor starving people, I’m such an asshole that I couldn’t tell you the name of a single one of them.

    I guess that’s celebrity for you.

  • As a human being

    I’m talking from a human point of view.

    I wasn’t trying to criticize you or anyone else if that’s the case. I was simply trying to pop up some of the irony that we experience every day. As humans we all like shiny things - me included - which makes us neglect a lot of other important matters.

    Actually the mockery in your reply about the poor people is in fact a good representation for the irony I’m trying to clarify.

    Anyway, I’m a Samsung Galaxy SII fan, maybe that’s the reason I’m such a hard ass :)

  • Innovator? Kinda. Willing to \“Go for it\”? Yeah!

    I feel the loss because he was one willing to put it out there.  I’m not a Apple fan as a company goes.

    Apple did not invent this multi-touch stuff in iPhones and iPads.  They merely took the chance first.

    Search TED and Jeff Han.

  • Dude, I insanely hear you

    No criticism felt.

    In fact, I was initially thinking something similar. When folks were tweeting their blank twits, I was like really? The guy was an Edison, not an Einstein. He invented by force of will, not contemplative ingenuity. And from what I can gather from the folks I know who worked for him, he was caustic (if clever) to those on the sliding scale.

    But, you know, the guy was wildly instrumental in updating the world.

    Here’s what the world’s best TV show, The Simpsons, had to say. With the obligatory narwhal in the background.

    Pretty much, I believe that explains it all.

  • Now I hear you too

    I got your point now, and I must say I couldn’t agree more.

    By the way thanks for the Simpsons video, it was hilarious :)

    Also thanks for the 3D Type Effects, it’s amazing, I’m watching it right now.

  • Damaged DVD

    Hey there, you can call O’Reilly customer service at 800-998-9938. They’re very helpful, and can probably send you a new one.

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