Testing an Embedded Video Served by lynda.com

My First Look at the Eazel App, Part of Photoshop Touch
Photoshop Touch First Look | by me, Deke McClelland

Over the course of the last 6 or so Deke’s Techniques and Photoshop Top 4 posts, I and my video publisher lynda.com have chosen to aggregate the free videos via YouTube.

YouTube worked great in the early days, but lately I’ve been underimpressed. The movies barely load on slow connections and hitch on fast ones. Whereas they play without hesitation or issue when viewed directly on lynda.com.

So I thought I’d test out a direct-embed hosted by lynda.com. Try out the above movie (from my new Photoshop Touch First Look course) and let me know what you think.

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  • All of the videos were smooth at default size and full screen.

    The entire series of iPad videos ran smoothly at default size and full screen when I was on the lynda site earlier. The one embedded on this site does the same.

  • Looking good. Maybe not as

    Looking good. Maybe not as high res as 720p on youtube, but loads fast and plays smooth. Good stuff.

  • Works OK

    Honestly never had any problem with YouTube which has the advantage of working on my (Android) phone where the flash above does not. I think iPhone/iPad users will have similar issues? I liked the higher res video for Photoshop tuts where the icons are so small.

  • I’m a subscriber to LDC and

    I’m a subscriber to LDC and I always prefer to watch the free videos directly on youtube @ 720p.

    The embeded videos (on deke.com) frome youtube load much slower, and the quality on LDC is lower than youtube’s 720p.

  • Video is looking good, but…

    ... I’m getting the impression you have no control over the still that is displayed when embedding it this way (I’m seeing Linda.com still)

    From what I can I see your site is built on Drupal, so you should have no problem installing a player that allows you greater control over your vids (wish I could recommend one while at it, but I’m more of a WordPress fan)

    And while you’re at it, you reeeealy need to talk to your webmaster and ask him/her to add a “subscribe to a post” option so we get notified when you or someone else replies

    Like, realy realy =)



  • As much as I like your video

    As much as I like your video courses on Lynda (I’ve just finished chapter 8), I’m an old school person and would really really like to also have a book made of paper with pages to turn and to write on. Is there something in the works? Maybe a new version of your excellent work.

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