The Briefly Awaited Answer to dekeQuiz #1

OK, so the story behind the “What Is Deke Saying?” contest is this:

A few months ago, when we were filming the now infamous video, Deke took a moment to gather his thoughts before launching into his 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes. Unable to just let a simple meditative moment alone, we brainstormed something clever for Deke to say, then to up the hilarity yet another notch, we used an online Pig Latin translator to increase the wittiness. (I kid you not, Pig Latin-translation, something any 10-year-old knows how to do, we required outside help.)

Fast forward a couple of months, the video is produced, and no one on our team can figure out what Deke actually said. I distinctly remember him trying to say, “King of Photoshop,” but between the translation and Deke’s delivery, it sounded more like “Ting of Photoshop.” Ting of Photoshop? What the fu — heck do you mean by Ting of Photoshop, Deke?

Back to the Internet, where all good answers are kept. Wikipedia tells us that “Ting” can be an acronym for “There Is No God.” There is no god of Photoshop. Deep. Dripping with meaning and personal angst. Possibly controversial. That must be it! We declared that to be the official answer to the question.

Ting explained

Of course, expecting you, our respected community, to guess what Deke was saying (when, let’s face it, we pulled the answer out of our collective butts) was not a fair contest. So, as official Mistress of dekeQuiz, I hereby declare that everyone who entered the “What is Deke saying?” contest wins a the prize. Everyone. Deal with it, Deke. Despite what you think, there is no god of Photoshop.I’ll be in touch with those who ventured to guess to find out where to send this round’s fabulous prizes, copies of both the Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One and Adobe InDesign CS3 One-on-One books from O’Reilly Media. Thanks for playing!

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  • Colleen’s post is funny . . .

    but of course utterly untrue. I always meant to say “There is no god of Photoshop.” Because so far as I know, there isn’t.

    Aagh, I was just struck by lighting. What’s that about?

    BTW, I’m okay with my publisher taking a hit and giving away lots of copies of my books. But everyone who won owes me $1.50. Cash only.

  • See now

    I was sure you were calling out Roy Phay, author of “Insider Secrets on Building 6 Figures Income” and the host of!

    Kind of relieved I was wrong about that. Roy’s a great guy.


  • give away

    thanks so much for the book.


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